Vegetarian Tacos at Dos Caminos (WIAW)


I had THE BEST vegetarian tacos at Dos Caminos Monday night and couldn’t wait to tell you about them today!

Let’s back up a bit first to Monday morning.


I’m still eating a super small bowl of oatmeal before I head out for my run. After my workout and shower, I had this cold bowl of oatmeal mixed with berries, cinnamon, sea salt, peanut butter and almond milk


In case you missed my latest oatmeal recipe round-up, here it is!

It was a long morning (at least it felt that way) because I had to get my son ready to leave for this week’s teen tour after my run. By the time I got him where he needed to be, stopped for gas, and got back home to begin my work day, I was already losing focus!


I made an easy salad to eat while on our weekly company conference call. A Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Burger chopped into a basic house salad with balsamic vinegar and feta cheese is becoming my new, easy favorite salad combination.


Feeling low on energy, I went to Dunkin Donuts quickly after lunch for an iced coffee. Please don’t allow me get in the daily iced coffee habit, it really adds up if I don’t pay attention!

iced coffee

Later in the afternoon, I got dressed for the city. I met a friend in Bryant Park to catch up. It was really nice to sit outside! Then I went over to Saks.

I don’t think I ever noticed this view of Rockefeller Center out the window of the fifth floor in Saks.

Rockefeller Centre


We were in the mood for Mexican so we made a reservation at Dos Caminos.

I haven’t had dinner at Dos Caminos in a few years so this was a nice treat! We went to the location in midtown but there are a few to choose from when you are in the city.

Of course we started with guacamole. We remain convinced that you can’t go to Dos Caminos without ordering guacamole.

In fact, the  guacamole bowl sits empty on your table until you order it, as if they just assume you will order it so it’s only a matter of time before they fill it.

Dos Caminos Guacamole

The guacamole comes with a variety of salsa plus a huge bowl of chips. Is their guacamole better than Rosa Mexicano? I probably have to go back to Rosa Mexicano soon to decide as I haven’t been there since this WIAW post in 2014!

dos caminos guacamole

I was really excited for my entree at Dos Caminos! They have the option to order your tacos “naked” which means that instead of a taco shell, they serve the filling over a grain bowl with avocado. I chose the vegetarian tacos “naked” which came with butternut squash, other veggies and beans over quinoa.

dos caminos vegetarían naked tacos

I could barely make a dent in the bowl of vegetarian tacos even though I loved this meal! It was so out of character for me but we think I was full from the guacamole.

dos caminos dinner

We were even too full for dessert. I KNOW.

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Have you been to Dos Caminos? What do you like to order?

Are you a taco fan or a burrito fan? Or would you prefer it served naked like my taco bowl above?

What has been your go-to lunch lately?

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    Those tacos sound so good. And I know what you mean about coffee … I just picked up a cup right now and I bought it twice last week.