Friday Favorites: Treadmill Run + Summer Starts + My Style

my style

  Ahhh my son leaves this morning for his teen tour! You can be sure I will continue to repeat the following a few times on the way to drop him off: Well, I hope I packed you right. Good luck finding everything in your luggage as you ignored me when I tried to explain […]

Favorite Foods From The Weekend

grandma pizza

  Oh hi! I am just popping in real quick with my favorite foods from the weekend! I really enjoyed the farm salad at Zinburger and also liked that it was a decent size. Normally I think that Zinburger’s salads are too tiny. My appetite cannot stand a small salad! This farm salad comes with all the good stuff like avocado, […]

Trader Joe’s Snacks, Veggie Burgers & Recipes

Zinburger veggie burger

  I forgot to tell you that I had a really good veggie burger over the weekend at Zinburger. Do you have a Zinburger near you? What I really liked about this veggie burger was that it was nicely well done and crispy on the outside, didn’t seem to contain filler and was loaded with veggies. […]

What I Ate Wednesday From Monday

Zinburger salad

      I somehow managed to capture just about everything I ate on Monday but before we take a look, please note that I  said, “just about everything.” No way can I take a picture of every bite before it reaches my mouth. Not a chance do I think before munching on carrots or […]

WIAW – Cereal Muffincakes and Second Chances

Instead of complaining to you about the snow that is falling once again outside, let’s jump right into What I Ate Wednesday. Not that I am encouraging emotional eating or anything but food at the moment is our savior. Just when you think you can’t further your level on the Food Genius Scale, a lightbulb […]

Weekend Plus Fabulous Guacamole Recipe

  I couldn’t help but laugh to myself only an hour or so after my post on Saturday. Remember my “summer-like” remark about the weather for Saturday’s long run? I left my house to go out for the day and suddenly found myself caught in what seemed like a blizzard. Explain it I can’t and neither could the radio […]

Escaping for Good Food

I realized this morning that I haven’t mentioned my workouts much this week. I know I had planned on taking it easy on the running front – I forgot to tell you that I can get a little bit stubborn at times when it comes to running. Aside from Monday’s 4.25 mile run, I also ran 5 miles […]