Friday Favorites From The Week

vegetable pizza

This week totally got away from me but hey, it’s now Friday and time for some favorites! Yom Kippur begins Sunday at sundown and although most don’t look forward to the holiest day of the Jewish year because of the fasting part, I think about this holiday with fondness as my son was born on […]

What I Ate Wednesday 10.12.16

red mango parfait

  Oh, hi! I am posting more than I thought I would this week which is making me happy. While I still haven’t written the speech that I have to give Saturday during my son’s Bar Mitzvah service, at least I can find the words to type up these posts in order to chat with you. […]

To Race or Not To Race

Sometimes the questions that come out of my son’s mouth shock me. “How do you do all that you do and do it so well?” This question really came out of left field. I think it may even contain a compliment. The answer is, I don’t know how I do all that I do and sometimes I […]