Friday Favorites February 1, 2019

Friday Favorites

Oh, hi Friday and first of February! Nice to see you. Listing a few favorites for today – have a great weekend! I will talk more about my renewed interest in Yoga in my workout recap (either Sunday or Monday) but for now, it’s worth noting that I reacquainted myself with the website, Do Yoga […]

Like Clockwork (workout recap)

running shoes

  I didn’t post on Friday and actually stayed in bed a little longer than I usually do which put the rest of my morning routine, including my run, slightly behind schedule too. How ironic then when a guy in my neighborhood on his way to work hollered the following out of his car window when he […]

Pure Barre Anniversary & Workout Recap

post run oatmeal in a jar

  A couple of things before getting to my workouts… 1) My two-year anniversary with Pure Barre was just a few days ago! I realized it when I came across this post, Why I Signed Up For Pure Barre, which I actually wrote on July 24, 2014, exactly two years ago today. I wrote that […]

I found a fall half marathon & workout recap

workout recap

On Tuesday I told you about my fall race calendar conflict. Well, Gianna left me a comment on that post to tell me about the NYCRUNS Falling Leaves Half & 10K on November 12th which means I may have found a half to run! Does it ever happen to you when you are searching for races […]

running shoe rotation plus workout recap

workout recap

My running shoe rotation fell off course this week which sounds totally weird if you don’t run but since most of you reading are runners like me, you will probably appreciate the conversation we are about to have. I have a system to my running shoe rotation and I rarely deviate: Adidas Energy Boosts = Tuesdays, […]

workout recap plus race tomorrow!

bellmore independence day run

  Hi! I feel like we haven’t spoken in forever. How’s the long weekend going? I love that tomorrow is July 4th. Monday holidays are the best holidays! I am planning to run the Bellmore Striders Independence Day Run tomorrow morning. It’s a four mile race that I have been meaning to run each year since running it […]

week in workouts 6.20.16 – 6.26.16

pure barre

  A few things to note about my week in workouts… My Appetite: My appetite felt off the charts early in the week. It’s quite possible that my body noticed a return to my usual running after about ten days of reducing mileage/cross-training. Thankfully both my foot issue and hip issue quickly resolved themselves so […]

More Yoga Than Running This Week I Think!


  This week saw an even split between running and cross training on the elliptical machine — three days of each if we want to get specific. My right hip had been bothering me so in order to feel better, I chose to replace some of my runs with the elliptical machine, reduced my usual Pure […]

I Almost Really Hurt My Foot (Workout Recap)

workout recap

I almost really hurt my foot Wednesday night and it was the scariest runner feeling as many of you who have dealt with injury know. This was the closest I have ever been to an injury that threatened to keep me off of my feet but luckily, I am okay! So what happened? Let’s see. I […]

workout recap 5.9.16 – 5.15.16

Pure Barre from home

  So they located my race photos but I can’t say I want to buy any of them! They really didn’t get any great shots of me and none of them were taken without someone else right next to me. I’m the girl in the yellow. I hope the girl that is the main focus of this […]

Long Island Half Marathon Training Week #6


  So the half marathon is two weeks from today and I am feeling more than ready! Laura’s training plan and working with her has been awesome. I know I keep saying so but with each run, I continue to understand why Laura chose each workout and the reasons behind why they were strategically placed in my training schedule. I […]

A Return To Normal – Workout Recap

workout recap

  Well this week was a slow return to normal after last week’s stomach virus. As soon as I started to feel more myself, I got my period < – bleh. I realize talking about my time of the month is on some level too much information but when it comes to running and my […]