Last Week’s Workouts (3 Runs, Walks, Melissa Wood Health)


The weather keeps bouncing between spring-like and back to winter. I was in Atlantic Beach quickly on Friday. I just had to stop by the ocean and although it’s not my beach running season quite yet, I definitely got excited. Another month or so?! Last Week’s Workouts: I don’t have much to report out of […]

Lululemon Finds + Weekly Workout Recap


Oh, hi. How do we feel about the time change? It will take me a few days to get used to it but overall, I’m happier because we are closer to spring and summer! Before I get to a few Lululemon finds of interest, just a quick chat about my thoughts on running once last […]

Hi From Florida (last week’s workouts)

florida beach

I want to be all like HI FROM FLORIDA! but I feel a level of guilt being excited over warm weather and sunshine considering what is taking place in Ukraine. On a basic human level, it’s absolutely horrible to watch what is going on and feel afraid for the people. It feels even worse for […]

Last Week’s Workouts

pro compression

I’m so happy to be off from work today! Listen, I really like my job but there’s no denying that the extra day off makes such a difference to the weekend. Anyway, here’s a quick look at last week’s workouts. Nothing overly exciting to report but at least the workouts happened! The weather has been […]

Blizzard Weekend + Peloton App (weekly workout recap)


Who else had the blizzard over the weekend? It was quite pretty outside my window although the wind was certainly fierce. We ended up with close to two feet of snow (!!) and it’s been very cold too. The good news is that it should warm up this week. Even though I couldn’t run or […]

Booster Shot + Running Mood (weekly workout recap)

New York weather

Last week was short yet a long one! Some notes before getting to my workouts: Booster Shot: I got my booster shot last Sunday. It wasn’t too bad but I did take off on Monday from any type of workout. Running Mood: My mood for running returned after a week of not really feeling like […]

Not In The Mood (weekly workout recap)

Melissa wood health

Last week was one of the weeks when I just don’t feel like running. I’m sure it had everything to do with the bitter cold winter weather although I guess it really doesn’t matter the reason — what’s important is that I don’t force myself to run more than I actually feel like running. I’ve […]

Not Going To Discuss It (weekly workout recap)


I don’t even want to discuss how I finally made my return to using the gym in my community for the treadmill only to have the mask mandate reinstated last week. Nope, we aren’t going to discuss it. Instead, I will just tell you that I will run outdoors as much as I can tolerate […]

Take The Stairs (weekly workout recap)


Last week was a busy one! It’s definitely not always easy to get myself moving or outside in the morning before the work day begins but I’m always happy when I do. I even saw a rainbow one morning which was pretty rare for me to see when running. I ran four days last week […]

Quick Look At Last Week’s Workouts


Here’s a quick look at last week’s workouts! Monday – 35 Min Run I planned to stop at 30 minutes but today’s run felt so good that I added five minutes as my cool down. Tuesday – 25 Min Cardio Warm-Up + Full Body Flow + 30 Min Walk Wednesday – 32 Min Fiery Pilates […]