I’m Moving! (weekly workout recap)


Well, last week was quite a busy week and it’s looking like the next couple of weeks are insane too because I’m moving! I kinda knew I might be moving (within the same area) but wasn’t sure how fast it would happen and well, it happens at the end of next week! This means I’m […]

My Hamstring Is Better! (weekly workout recap)


The last week feels like a really long blur but I’m happy to report that my hamstring is much better! It turned out to be a full week without running for me, which is really fine – I’m grateful that I gave my hamstring a chance to heal from whatever was bothering it, and that […]

I Know When To Stop Running (weekly workout recap)


I’m so glad that I’m the type of runner who knows when to stop running. In Saturday’s run class, the instructor suggested I start the first speed section at 8.0 — that’s fast for me at the start of a workout and I should have known that. However, I went with what he said because […]

Lifetime In Boca + Finally Tried A Run Class!


I have two important things to discuss before listing my workouts from last week! Lifetime in Boca While in Florida last week, I went to Lifetime in Boca Raton. I was last there 10 years ago! At the time, I was a Lifetime member here in New York. Now, as an Equinox member, it was […]

Hi From Florida (weekly workout recap)


Hi from Florida! I’m getting back into a routine of flying down to the Boca/Palm Beach area every few months it seems — I used to do this in high school and college so it feels really nice to be doing it again! Especially this time of year. To get off the plane and sit […]

Quick Look At Last Week’s Workouts


Hello! I don’t have much to add beyond the workout recap details listed below. In Friday’s post, I mentioned that last week was a blur. I wasn’t kidding! Something about it felt very blended together, which is likely why I have nothing to add beyond what I noted below each day. Last Week’s Workouts Last […]

10 Years Ago + Weekly Workout Recap

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Just a few random thoughts from my workouts last week: I asked myself if I was running enough and then quickly said – running enough for what? This is literally my internal battle for five years now since I drastically cut back from high mileage and never returned to it. I like my lower running […]

January Message + Last Week’s Workouts


Happy 2023! Welcome to the new year and all the fitness and diet messaging overwhelming all of our social media feeds. If January’s diet and fitness hoopla bother you too, then you will appreciate the January message put out by Equinox. I knew I was in the right fitness club! Waiting for January to start […]

Last Weekly Workout Recap of 2022!


This is my last workout recap post of the year! While I have no races to look back on in 2022, I did join Equinox in August which is not something I saw on my radar at the beginning of the year, or even at the start of the summer. It was the most random […]

I Made It To Yoga! (weekly workout recap)


I finally made it to yoga! As of Friday’s post, I was still saying that I wanted to get to yoga but still couldn’t figure out how to fit it into my schedule. The reason I have a hard time getting to a yoga class at Equinox is that the yoga options are later in […]

New Running Shoes + An Extra Run (weekly workout recap)

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After my run on Saturday, I decided that I had to go to Runner’s Edge to try on new running shoes. Like I said last week and as I said to the girl who helped me, I really didn’t want to open up this can of worms. I’m not the easiest when it comes to […]