I Made It To Yoga! (weekly workout recap)


I finally made it to yoga! As of Friday’s post, I was still saying that I wanted to get to yoga but still couldn’t figure out how to fit it into my schedule. The reason I have a hard time getting to a yoga class at Equinox is that the yoga options are later in […]

A Runner Who Does Other Things (weekly workout recap)


Someone asked me the other day how many miles I run per week. I had a very quick reply to that question. It’s not about weekly mileage for me, especially right now. I’m a runner who does other things too. I really like the other things. I still identify as a runner and I’m so […]

Last Week’s Workouts at Equinox


Another nicely varied week of workouts in the books! I ran a little more last week and tried a new-to-me 60-minute barre class on the Thursday Equinox class schedule. This week I plan to try a TRX class! My pilates instructor teaches it and said it’s perfect for me. I will report back about it […]

I’m Such A Gemini (weekly workout recap)


The Gemini side of my personality was in full force this past week in terms of making workout decisions. I love Equinox so much but sometimes that comes with a silly overwhelmed feeling of making a workout class decision. I’m a Gemini! I can be indecisive! I had a quick moment last week of trying […]

Workouts While in Florida + Rest of Week


Happy Monday! I really needed the weekend to rest and reset after being in Florida for a really quick trip last week for work. And while the trip was for work, it was to Boca and did involve my best friend Heather which is just so cool to me. To think we ended up working […]

Great Workouts Last Week + Florida For A Few Days


Have I mentioned that joining Equinox was my best decision all year? I think I’ve said it, but I’m repeating it. I enjoy it so much for the atmosphere, the class variety (I still haven’t tried all of the classes I want to try yet!), and even for running on the treadmill. And hey, it’s […]

Needed A Running Break (weekly workout recap)


Between the holiday taking up Monday and Tuesday and then jumping back into the shortened work week, I didn’t get myself together enough to post more than my workouts last week. I hope to share some recent meals or a few favorites this Friday! Don’t hold me to it, we shall see. But I’m hopeful! […]

Last Week’s Workouts (so much variety!)


Shana Tova to my Jewish friends! Happy New Year — I hope you are having a nice holiday. Last Week’s Workouts It was another great week of workouts with so much variety! I had a nice mix of miles, barre classes, pilates, spin, barefoot sculpt, and an outdoor walk in there too. Monday – 20 […]

Back To Barre (weekly workout recap)


A couple of notes before getting to my workouts from last week: Just as I said in last week’s post that ideally, I would like to take two barefoot sculpt classes a week, I didn’t take any and instead tried two new-to-me barre classes. Which I LOVED. Two different teachers yet both styles were fairly […]