What’s Next?

what's next? running and workouts after training for a half marathon

  Now that the Long Island half marathon has come and gone, my training with Laura as my running coach is completed. You may be wondering — Well, what’s next? 1. Getting Back To My Usual Workout Routine. I am really okay with jumping back into my usual workout routine even though I LOVED training with Laura. I […]

How To Add Variety To A Repetitive Workout Routine

how to add variety to your running and workout routine

  I couldn’t agree more with this post from Pure Barre. I wanted to talk about our workout routines and finding variety in what can seem like a repetitive schedule. I am routine by nature and thrive from keeping to my schedule, especially my morning schedule. I always workout in the morning and I look forward to […]

Gwyneth Always Seems To Annoy Me

  It’s the littlest of things that make me giggle… It’s not that I hate facebook, I just don’t really have any use for it anymore. I may or may not feel the same way about most people but we don’t need to get into that right now. However, I did scroll through my facebook newsfeed yesterday […]

Pardon Me While I Rant

Fairway is still toying with me. I am not at all amused and will simply be purchasing my granny smith apples somewhere else. I shop at 5 different grocery stores Fairway, do you hear me? So don’t think I am any more loyal to you than the next store down the block. Especially if you […]