Quick Look At My Workouts From Last Week

brooks ghost 13

I hope everyone had a nice Passover and Easter. With my workouts from last week listed below, I don’t really have much to add in terms of details! A few runs plus lots of yoga and pilates thanks to Melissa Wood Health is feeling like the absolutely perfect balance for me these days. My workouts […]

Weekly Workout Recap (11/4 – 11/10)

Lululemon fluff over mitten

  A super quick look at last week’s workouts. What is there really to say beyond the sudden shock of winter cold temperatures? While the temps will still go up and down at this point in the season, I am now prepared to be at the gym more often on days that it is too […]

New Blog Design + Weekly Workout Recap

weekly workout recap running pure barre

  Do you notice things look a little bit different around here?! We made the blog theme switch yesterday morning and since then, I’ve done my best to not get sucked into working on all of the little details that go along with updating a blog. There are so many spots that require new coding […]

My Week Without Running (workout recap)

pure barre pure results

  This is the first week IN YEARS that went by without me running at least one time. I am finding this so very interesting for a few reasons. First, and I know I have mentioned this all week, dropping that shampoo bottle on my foot really couldn’t come at a better time. Seriously. It’s […]

New Running Shoes + Training Plan (workout recap)

4 miles

    It was an overall hot, humid and busy week! Running still felt nice as I already know to adjust my mindset and pace according to the weather. I am really just happy to run every morning, not caring about specific workouts or pushing myself to move any faster than what feels comfortable on […]

Race Recovery Week & Pure Barre Beta-Testing (workout recap)

at home pure barre workouts

  This week in workouts was a good mix of recovering from last Sunday’s 10 mile race and Pure Barre. As I mentioned in recent posts, I was selected to be a Pure Barre Beta Tester for the at-home Pure Barre online workouts and I COULD NOT WAIT to get started. It’s been a fun week of starting […]

Running & Workout Recap (1.30.17- 2.5.17)

pure barre workout

  Oh, hi. Happy Sunday. I mean, Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Not that I really like football or anything. I am more of a hockey girl. Anyway. Overall I would say that running was SO MUCH BETTER this week as compared to last week’s workouts. No more random soreness and thankfully, my hip which was slightly bothering me […]

running & workout recap 8.15 – 8.21

pure barre online workout with focus on thighs

  Since switching to Runkeeper from MapMyRun, I have fallen out of the habit of sharing my splits in these weekly workout recap posts. Runkeeper is awesome and I definitely like it more than MapMyRun but their screen for splits isn’t as screenshot friendly. This has worked out just fine for me lately as my pace has […]

Pure Barre Platform (workout recap)

Pure Barre Platform

  As you may remember, I have been trying to get into a Pure Barre Platform class for a long time now. My Pure Barre studio does not offer the Platform class as often as the regular Pure Barre classes so it’s been a bit of a struggle finding a class time which not only fit my […]

running shoe rotation plus workout recap

workout recap

My running shoe rotation fell off course this week which sounds totally weird if you don’t run but since most of you reading are runners like me, you will probably appreciate the conversation we are about to have. I have a system to my running shoe rotation and I rarely deviate: Adidas Energy Boosts = Tuesdays, […]