Quick Look At What I Ate Yesterday

zucchini marinara

  Quick look at what I ate yesterday! My oatmeal is of course unpictured but it’s worth noting that I’m realizing my days of adding fresh organic strawberries to my post-run oatmeal are probably dwindling. I really like blueberries with strawberries after my run in my oatmeal but as we change seasons, I will be […]

Recent Food & Fashion (Nordstrom Sale Continued)

acai bowl

  Let’s talk food before quickly discussing the Nordstrom sale today, okay?! I’m currently obsessed with the very basic yet delicious combination of pizza with salad. I cannot get enough to the point where I’m talking myself out of picking up pizza every night for dinner to pair with a salad because I already have food […]

What I Ate On Sunday

red mango parfait

  Let’s take a look at what I ate on Sunday – It’s been a while since I had a full day of meals to share! Breakfast: If you only knew how excited I was to think to take this early morning breakfast picture! While it used to be routine for me to remember to […]

Dinner At Zuma (WIAW)


  I haven’t done an actual What I Ate Wednesday post in a while now! Today seemed like a good day to link up with Laura at Sprint To The Table. 🙂 Breakfast: I tried so hard this time around to capture pictures of my pre and post workout breakfast. Really, I tried. My mornings […]

Normal Hungry Person + Recent Eats


  My appetite has been A DREAM without running. You have no idea! As a runner, I have gotten so used to being that person who NEEDS TO EAT AND EAT NOW. I don’t feel that way right now which is making this little break from running so very enjoyable. It’s nice to be a […]

Dropped Something On My Foot + Monday’s Meals

wild salmon

  Oh, hey. It’s Wednesday again, just like that! I guess after this week we will start to feel like we are in the routine swing of things? Gosh I get so thrown off and out of routine after these holiday break weeks. So I didn’t get a chance to tell you that I very […]

Monday in Meals (WIAW)


    It’s already Wednesday! I’m sort of wishing the week away because I am just so ready for the weekend to be here already. I honestly keep thinking we are a day ahead of where we actually are though in the week, probably because I was out Monday night. This always happens to me when I go out on a Monday […]

I Ate Organic Rotisserie Chicken – Here’s What Happened

quinoa salad

  I ate organic rotisserie chicken! As a vegetarian, I had a craving for chicken and needed to do something about it. So I have something BIG to discuss regarding food today. While today’s post mostly shows what I ate on Monday, the real story stems from Sunday night. I ate CHICKEN. Rotisserie chicken. Organic […]

Recent Meals + Pizza Bagel Craving

vegetable fajitas

    Last week I was trying to decide if I should highlight a full day of meals OR a variety of recent meals in Wednesday posts. Based on the comments and my opinion thrown in too, I have a feeling I will continue to rotate between the two ideas, depending upon the week. How […]

Yesterday’s Meals + Tomato Soup + Bored With Dinner

panera tomato soup and salad

So I have a question before we take a look at what I ate yesterday. Do we prefer seeing a full day of meals (as in, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert) or do we prefer when I round-up a whole bunch of recent eats from the last few days? Please let me know as I try […]

Monday’s Meals + Trader Joe’s Things

japanese sweet potatoes dinner

  Let’s take a look at Monday’s Meals for today’s What I Ate Wednesday! Monday was a busy work day AND my son talked me into going to the Islanders game at night. The Vegas Golden Knights would be in town for the first time in their history and he didn’t want to miss it. […]