Trader Joes + Whole Foods (a few recent meals)


The lines at Trader Joe’s over the weekend were beyond what I would consider normal weekend long lines. It was as if there was a blizzard coming and I wasn’t told about it. It did lightly snow yesterday and is snowing again this morning (for the first time really all winter) but shouldn’t be more […]

A Stop At Whole Foods + Loaded Salads


I’m a day late this week on sharing recent meals but better late than never! I went to Whole Foods the other afternoon for a few things. I bought organic Honeycrisp apples, a few bottles of 365 light organic ranch dressing, a bag of shredded brussels sprouts, plus a few things from the frozen section: […]

Round Up Of Recent Meals


I don’t know what I’ve been doing but it has definitely not been taking pictures of what I’ve been eating too regularly. Since I’ve missed a few Wednesday posts recently, I decided to share just a few food photos today to help me get back on track. Recent Meals I had this veggie sandwich in […]

What I bought at Trader Joe’s (and Whole Foods)

trader joe's

It has been forever since I shared a What I Bought At Trader Joe’s style post! Okay, let’s not get too excited about it — I didn’t buy that much over the weekend but at least we have something to look at and talk about from my food shopping! I fell into a pattern of […]

What I bought recently at Trader Joe’s + Whole Foods

trader joes

So last week, I pulled into the Trader Joe’s parking lot to learn the power was out and the store was closed. Well, that was inconvenient. I prefer to do my food shopping at Trader Joe’s. I get very thrown off my food shopping game when I have to go to another store. Lately, I […]

Whole Foods Stop + Fashion Finds This Week

Whole Foods shop

My son comes home today! This month with him away at  camp his summer college program went fast, didn’t it? I am very excited to have him back, but in that motherly sort of way. What I mean is, of course I am happy to have my bunny back home yet at the same time, I am […]

Trying To Resume Normal Eating + Love Banza Mac & Cheese

Whole Foods basket

  I don’t have much to share when it comes to food this week. After being sick with such a severe sore throat/tonsilitis, I’m gradually getting back to normal eating and feeling like my usual self. As you may recall from my stomach virus experiences, I tend to get stuck in eating patterns after being sick […]

Whole Foods + First Aid Beauty + Fashion Faves

Whole Foods

  This post is slightly all over the place but I will try to make it coherent! So I’ve been shopping at Whole Foods lately, more often than usual. Not totally sure why I started going to Whole Foods more regularly and I really just grab a few things but the few things I grab, […]

My Former Whole Foods Food Bar Box

Whole Foods

  So this is rather interesting and worth discussing. When we arrived in Albany on Saturday (we were up there for a Bar Mitzvah), we went straight to Whole Foods for a quick bite to eat. The old me loved the Whole Foods food bar. While I really don’t eat at Whole Foods anymore, my […]

Trader Joe’s Shop + More About My Appetite From Running Less

Trader Joe's shopping cart

I did my food shopping Friday afternoon to get it out-of-the-way for the weekend! A few things before looking at my Trader Joe’s shopping cart: I made a stop at Whole Foods first. I didn’t get any pictures but I needed turkey, roast beef, rolls, a stack of bagels, and Bell & Evans products for my […]