What I bought at Trader Joe’s (and Whole Foods)

trader joe's

It has been forever since I shared a What I Bought At Trader Joe’s style post! Okay, let’s not get too excited about it — I didn’t buy that much over the weekend but at least we have something to look at and talk about from my food shopping! I fell into a pattern of […]

What I bought recently at Trader Joe’s + Whole Foods

trader joes

So last week, I pulled into the Trader Joe’s parking lot to learn the power was out and the store was closed. Well, that was inconvenient. I prefer to do my food shopping at Trader Joe’s. I get very thrown off my food shopping game when I have to go to another store. Lately, I […]

Whole Foods Stop + Fashion Finds This Week

Whole Foods shop

My son comes home today! This month with him away at  camp his summer college program went fast, didn’t it? I am very excited to have him back, but in that motherly sort of way. What I mean is, of course I am happy to have my bunny back home yet at the same time, I am […]

Trying To Resume Normal Eating + Love Banza Mac & Cheese

Whole Foods basket

  I don’t have much to share when it comes to food this week. After being sick with such a severe sore throat/tonsilitis, I’m gradually getting back to normal eating and feeling like my usual self. As you may recall from my stomach virus experiences, I tend to get stuck in eating patterns after being sick […]

Whole Foods + First Aid Beauty + Fashion Faves

Whole Foods

  This post is slightly all over the place but I will try to make it coherent! So I’ve been shopping at Whole Foods lately, more often than usual. Not totally sure why I started going to Whole Foods more regularly and I really just grab a few things but the few things I grab, […]

My Former Whole Foods Food Bar Box

Whole Foods

  So this is rather interesting and worth discussing. When we arrived in Albany on Saturday (we were up there for a Bar Mitzvah), we went straight to Whole Foods for a quick bite to eat. The old me loved the Whole Foods food bar. While I really don’t eat at Whole Foods anymore, my […]

Trader Joe’s Shop + More About My Appetite From Running Less

Trader Joe's shopping cart

I did my food shopping Friday afternoon to get it out-of-the-way for the weekend! A few things before looking at my Trader Joe’s shopping cart: I made a stop at Whole Foods first. I didn’t get any pictures but I needed turkey, roast beef, rolls, a stack of bagels, and Bell & Evans products for my […]

Random Thoughts For This Thursday! (TOL)


I’m still all up in the Royal Wedding details even though it happened last weekend. I’m busy with the pictures and articles, while also doing my British research because I sit curious on things. Like the whole Princess Diana / Camilla thing. We all know the story (or think we know the story) so I […]

What I Ate Wednesday 5.25.16

apple with peanut butter and m&m's

  Before we get to what I ate yesterday… What I Ate Wednesday posts are just here to showcase what others eat and perhaps give you some new ideas when it comes to your own meals. The important thing to remember though is that you must do what works for you, not what works for […]

weekend stuff & half marathon weather watch

chocolate cake

  The winter months make me want to cuddle my feet in Uggs, slippers and comfy socks. Have you seen these cozy looking slipper socks at Target? I think I need them! Instead of ordering pizza Friday night for my son and his friends, I picked up a pizza from Fresh Market during the day to heat […]