Sensitive Subject: Losing Weight Running Less

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I feel a discussion on losing weight from running less is a sensitive subject because I’m aware of who reads my blog. I know that my readers look to me for guidance on living a healthy, balanced life, free from caring about the scale and weight, and learning how to move away from disordered eating […]

Do You Really Need To Lose 5 Pounds?

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  I am not a goal setter, New Year’s resolution maker or juice cleanse trendy dieter so this January health hoopla is already getting to be a bit much for me to take if you want to know the truth. I think it’s great for some to kick start the year with a fresh outlook on life and attempt to […]

Thinking Out Loud…Cookies, Clouds and Care Bears

  Boy am I glad that today just so happens to be time to link up with Amanda in order for me to think out loud. My brain is on overload. Not from my personal life, not from raising a little boy who thinks I am only cool when I make him grilled cheese with bacon […]

Ready for the Weekend!

My outfit for Sunday is all ready. I can’t begin to tell you how nice it has been to be able to prepare for Sunday’s half without the random debilitating arm injury I dealt with a few week’s ago during the days prior to my last race. I mean, I was so consumed with the […]

Peanut Butter Preparedness

I love presents. Especially when they are surprise presents. Left on your doorstep. Well, not quite a present since I paid for this delivery but I didn’t know exactly when it would arrive and since it is my favorite thing in the world, I classify it as a surprise present. You can never have enough […]