Running & Pure Barre Weekly Workout Recap (7.3.17 – 7.9.17)

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  In my head, my workout week runs from Monday through Sunday. For this reason, I post my weekly workout recap on Sunday mornings, at the end of my week. My normal day off from running usually falls on a Sunday so this type of weekly workout recap posting schedule has always worked for me […]

Memorial Day Weekend/Workout Recap


  I started my holiday weekend Friday afternoon at Red Mango because the layers of red and blue berries had me feeling all festive and ready for Memorial Day. As I mentioned in Friday’s post, I changed my mind about running the Long Beach 10 miler race this morning and I really don’t regret it! […]

I Only Ran Three Days – Workout Recap

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  You read that correctly. Just three days of running this week. I can’t recall the last time only three days of running took place! Let’s take a peak at the week…. *Monday*   Pure Barre Mile High & Gym Day I wasn’t feeling very runny. Is runny a term we can use to describe  running […]

Running, Pure Barre But No Black Bean Brownies

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  The weather was rather icky yesterday (snow, slush, ice, sleet, rain) so I decided it was a good day to finally make black bean brownies. I scoured my pinterest boards and did some google searching on the subject just to glance at the various combinations before formulating my own recipe. When I finally came up with […]

Workout Recap & Songs From The Week


  How do you handle the music you listen to during your runs? If you listen to music at all. I have a playlist but I reserve it for special occasions like races and really tough runs (mentally and/or physically) in order to give myself a boost of inspiration when I need it. I also like […]

Workout Recap 1/5-1/11


  Good morning! How is your weekend so far? Sometimes writing up these workout recaps make me feel as though my always-impeccable memory is slowly escaping me. I start putting together these Sunday workout recap posts at the beginning of the week, almost like a workout journal where I jot down my mileage, some thoughts and then […]

Happy Birthdays & Workout Recap 12/29/14-1/4/15

Eleni's Bakery Cupcakes

  We need to wish two important people a very happy birthday today…. Happy Birthday to my cousin Amy who you may know as my cousin who just ran the New York City Marathon and has already decided to run it again next year. She doesn’t have a blog but her race recap was one the […]

Disney Workouts/Weekly Recap

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  Oh hi! We are back from Disney World and I feel like I need a vacation. The worst part about taking a few days away is the coming home to do laundry (like the minute I walk through the door, without stopping for the bathroom), the food shopping, cleaning (how is the house messy if […]

Weekly Workout Recap 12/15-12/21

weekly workout recap

  This was a great running week! I know I run lots of miles all of the time but there was just something about this week that kept me smiling. A couple of speedy runs, an easy run and a long run which all left me with that amazing little feeling which flows from the head down to the toes that screams – […]

Carvel Sundae & Weekly Workout Recap

weekly workout recap

In case you were wondering, the Islanders won last night. And I won’t complain to you that it took me FORTY MINUTES just to exit the parking lot because at least they are selling out and giving us great games to watch. And, at least I had an ice cream sundae during the first intermission. […]

Weekly Workout Recap 12/1/14 – 12/7/14

weekly workout recap

I have another running analogy for you today…. Running shoes are like the gas in your car….The more you run (drive), the sooner you will wear out your shoes (run out of gas). You even know when the end is approaching. The light on your dashboard is on telling you that you only have a […]

Weekly Workout Recap 11/23/14- 11/29/14

benji's first thanksgiving

  I took things easy (for me) this week. We all need cut back weeks in our routines and since I don’t follow any sort of training plan, I just let the cut backs occur naturally. It just so happens, naturally meant Thanksgiving week. Funny how most of America was busy intensifying their workouts to burn […]