Where Did The Weekend Go?

  Seriously, where did the weekend go? Saturday for me was spent binge watching Say Yes To The Dress and the Islanders/Rangers game while I had the painters at my house (!!) painting a few rooms. Big deal over here because it took me FOREVER to narrow down my colors. The Say Yes To The […]

Weekend Sentence Per Picture

trader joe's

One of those really random times when I have Chipotle. That feeling when you are driving through the city and Empire State of Mind comes on the radio. Another week, another greek salad from a diner. I honestly go to the diner for the coleslaw and pickles. A quick stop at Trader Joe’s yesterday morning […]

Workouts + Islanders Are Home + Latkes!


I was going to share my workouts per usual yesterday morning BUT I slept late and hadn’t scheduled the post. You didn’t miss much though — it was a pretty blah workout week since I was sort of sick with a sore throat followed by a cold. I didn’t run much and probably won’t run […]

Busy Weekend + Best Food At Bat Mitzvah

dress and heels

  Things over here have been busy since Thanksgiving, that’s for sure! On Friday, we headed to New Jersey to see the Islanders play the Devils for a 4:00 PM start. While I don’t love driving to New Jersey, it is honestly better than going to the games in Brooklyn. A little side note: This […]

Random Things From The Weekend

mamouns falafel

  Very random post today. I wouldn’t call it a weekend recap at all, just a mix of random things! First, I already told you yesterday that I had my hair cut and highlighted on Saturday. Nothing beats happy hair. On my wrist is a crushed velvet scrunchie from Forever 21. They come in a […]

Weekend Sentence Per Picture


  Friday night margarita pizza. Saturday bagel and salad for lunch from Town Bagel. If you don’t like rainbow cookies, we can’t be friends. Saturday night dinner at Matteo’s celebrating my friend Meaghan’s birthday. Outfit of the evening. ^My fave new top! Meaghan’s beautiful daughter, who is barely 14, is definitely part of our inner […]

Sunday Run + Pizza + Emotional Eating Cake


  We left off yesterday with me explaining that my workouts were thrown off last week which is why I was running yesterday, instead of Saturday. Thankfully it stopped raining although I was cautious when running with all of the wet leaves on the ground. The air felt nice so I stayed out for 7 […]

Weekend Highlights: Cupcakes + Pizza + Velvet


  I spent Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday driving my son to/from where he needed to be. In between, I took a few pictures to capture some highlights. First, some cupcakes. I was in the area of Smallcakes so I decided to bring a few home. The one with the m&m’s is actually a brownie. […]

Surprise Weekend In Florida! Part I

south beach

  My surprise weekend in Florida has now come and gone! I’m going to break my trip up in two posts, with the food to come tomorrow. So. Surprising Heather for her birthday had been a MAJOR SECRET for months. Her mom reached out to me months ago to let me know she was planning […]

City Weekend + What I Ate At Max Brenner


  This weekend went by so quickly that it took me a minute to realize that I spent both Friday night and Sunday in the city! Blog posts are probably the only reason I recall the sequence of events in my weekends! I did struggle to recall what I did on Saturday though. It was […]

Weekend Rambling + Dinner At Salt

poke bowl

  Life is returning to normal with the bunny back from his teen tour. It takes some adjusting on both ends for us, that’s for sure. He slept for 17 hours the first night, then woke up and wanted to go straight to my parents’ house. I had ZERO ISSUE with that as it works […]