Variety of Workouts (weekly workout recap)

fall running

  I didn’t run very much last week but I’ve learned that not running doesn’t mean not having good workouts. It’s still a little weird to me to like other types of workouts and even choose them instead of running.. Of course, I do still look at the weather forecast to check which days are […]

Must Be Fall (weekly workout recap)


The sun is rising later and the leaves are on the ground — it must really be Fall! I’m not opposed to this time of year (in fact, it used to be my favorite season before summer moved to the top spot) but I do struggle a bit more with instant energy levels first thing […]

Looking Back On Former Workout Routine (weekly workouts)

brooks ghost

Last week was quite a week. Between the ongoing situation in Afghanistan, work being extremely busy, and getting my son ready to move into his dorm later this week, I can barely remember that we had a slight hurricane turned tropical storm with rain that lingered into last Monday. That storm was only last week? […]

Where I’m At Right Now (weekly workout recap)

Melissa wood health

Well, I thought I would have run more last week than I did. But I didn’t. I don’t even have much of a reason as to why I didn’t run very much other than — I don’t think I felt like it? Ideally, my weekday runs would hover around five miles each. I just couldn’t […]

Workouts + Missing Summer + Virtual Racing


Last week remains a blur of excitement, work, and gloomy weather. Where is the sun? Running didn’t happen early in the week but then I ran three days in a row. Some weeks are just like this and at this point in the year, my goal is to get outside when I can and when […]

Weekly Workout Recap

walking path

Some notes from last week’s workouts: Even if I established summer as my favorite running season, there’s no denying the thrill of running in the suddenly cooler morning temperatures. It’s glorious and refreshing. With the transition to fall comes my ability to take walks during the day. It had been so hot that I would […]

Rain Jackets For Running + Weekly Workout Recap

boardwalk run

Before we jump into my workouts from the week, let’s chat really quickly about rain jackets for running. Recently I decided that I need a new rain jacket for running. I don’t mind running in the rain! Misty rain is actually pleasant for running (in my opinion) although I prefer it starts while I’m already […]

Summer Week In Workouts (7/27 – 8/2)

Long Beach

Another week in workouts in the books for this summer! It really is crazy how the time is flying. Like we say about parenthood, the days are long but the years are short. Sometimes it truly does feel that way about everything. Anyway! I’ve detailed my workouts below so let’s get to it. Monday – […]

Workout Variety + Boardwalk Runs Are My Favorite

Long Beach boardwalk run

Happy Monday! I hope you had a nice weekend. It’s hot here in New York but last week’s workouts were not affected by the weather. It’s summer, and I’m used to varying levels of heat and humidity. Granted, the worst of the heatwave is supposed to be today but I don’t find the early mornings […]

Enjoyable Workouts + Update on Pure Barre GO Issues

SOL yoga

My workouts lately have been so enjoyable and I think this is largely due to two factors. First, the weather. It’s warming up and the sun shines earlier which always makes me more eager to get up and start moving. And the second factor, and I think this plays a large role here, is my […]