Why You Should Read My Blog & Summer Running Strategies


  I was asked the other day why I think people should read my blog. Whenever I am asked this question, I always respond the same way: You should read my blog because I read my own blog. I reread my own posts often because they either make me laugh or help me get through […]

workout recap 5.9.16 – 5.15.16

Pure Barre from home

  So they located my race photos but I can’t say I want to buy any of them! They really didn’t get any great shots of me and none of them were taken without someone else right next to me. I’m the girl in the yellow. I hope the girl that is the main focus of this […]

Adjusting To Warm Weather Running

how to adjust to warm weather running

  A while back I shared a list of races on my radar for the spring, summer and fall. The Long Beach 10 miler is this Sunday and I have yet to register. I have been waiting to confirm the weather conditions and really, to decide if running in the sunny beach heat is something I […]