Lifetime In Boca + Finally Tried A Run Class!


I have two important things to discuss before listing my workouts from last week! Lifetime in Boca While in Florida last week, I went to Lifetime in Boca Raton. I was last there 10 years ago! At the time, I was a Lifetime member here in New York. Now, as an Equinox member, it was […]

January Message + Last Week’s Workouts


Happy 2023! Welcome to the new year and all the fitness and diet messaging overwhelming all of our social media feeds. If January’s diet and fitness hoopla bother you too, then you will appreciate the January message put out by Equinox. I knew I was in the right fitness club! Waiting for January to start […]

New Running Shoes + An Extra Run (weekly workout recap)

brooks glycerin

After my run on Saturday, I decided that I had to go to Runner’s Edge to try on new running shoes. Like I said last week and as I said to the girl who helped me, I really didn’t want to open up this can of worms. I’m not the easiest when it comes to […]

Last Week’s Workouts (3 Runs, Walks, Melissa Wood Health)


The weather keeps bouncing between spring-like and back to winter. I was in Atlantic Beach quickly on Friday. I just had to stop by the ocean and although it’s not my beach running season quite yet, I definitely got excited. Another month or so?! Last Week’s Workouts: I don’t have much to report out of […]

Lululemon Finds + Weekly Workout Recap


Oh, hi. How do we feel about the time change? It will take me a few days to get used to it but overall, I’m happier because we are closer to spring and summer! Before I get to a few Lululemon finds of interest, just a quick chat about my thoughts on running once last […]

Last Week’s Workouts

pro compression

I’m so happy to be off from work today! Listen, I really like my job but there’s no denying that the extra day off makes such a difference to the weekend. Anyway, here’s a quick look at last week’s workouts. Nothing overly exciting to report but at least the workouts happened! The weather has been […]

Blizzard Weekend + Peloton App (weekly workout recap)


Who else had the blizzard over the weekend? It was quite pretty outside my window although the wind was certainly fierce. We ended up with close to two feet of snow (!!) and it’s been very cold too. The good news is that it should warm up this week. Even though I couldn’t run or […]

Earlier Sunrises + Treadmill Days Are Coming (weekly workout recap)

fall running

The earlier sunrises are definitely a good thing for morning runners or those with an early morning exercise routine. The early sunrise really makes such a difference for me, even if it means that it looks like midnight by 5:00 PM these days. Pretty soon though, the dark and cold mornings are going to keep […]

Weekly Workout Recap (city days + Melissa Wood Health)

New York City

Already Monday? I don’t know how that always happens. So I was in the city for a few days last week for work. Rather than deal with the commute (traffic is seriously insane these days), I  stayed in town which was a lot more fun. While I didn’t run in the city, I walked as […]

Variety of Workouts (weekly workout recap)

fall running

  I didn’t run very much last week but I’ve learned that not running doesn’t mean not having good workouts. It’s still a little weird to me to like other types of workouts and even choose them instead of running.. Of course, I do still look at the weather forecast to check which days are […]

Lighter Week of Workouts (weekly workout recap)

fall running

It’s not like I have such strenuous workout weeks these days but last week was a bit lighter in intensity than usual. Two runs, walking, and yoga/pilates mostly using own body weight rather than adding 1 lb weights. Quick recap below! Monday – 38 Min Yoga/Pilates Flow  Tuesday – 45 Min Walk It was the […]

Must Be Fall (weekly workout recap)


The sun is rising later and the leaves are on the ground — it must really be Fall! I’m not opposed to this time of year (in fact, it used to be my favorite season before summer moved to the top spot) but I do struggle a bit more with instant energy levels first thing […]