best time for me to eat before a run & workout recap

workout recap

  3 things  before getting to my workouts from the week: 1) Recovery after a stomach virus is real. Although I wasn’t even actively sick for that long, not eating normally followed by then dealing my time of the month has left me more tired than usual which means taking extra time to get back to feeling 100% when running. […]

WIAW- not one vegetable in this post

grilled mozzarella cheese

  That’s right, vegetables are an afterthought these days. Overall I have been feeling much better after that virus (which I decided was not a virus but some sort of food poisoning instead) but my stomach remains a bit sensitive which is so hard for someone like me who lives mostly on plant-based foods. Fruits and vegetables, which I normally thrive […]

my weekends are best described through food

veggie pizza

  When I thought about doing a life lately/sentence per picture type post for today, I giggled a bit when checking out my photos, noticing that most of them are food. I guess it’s only natural that someone like me share life updates and recaps via what I eat since food is such a major part of […]

I Was Sick & Other Random Stuff

fresh market chocolate truffles

  Tuesday evening, out of nowhere, I came down with a quick moving virus that kept me up most of the night with the whole body aching, upset stomach, low fever thing which every time triggers my dizzy, fainting self. While I am rarely dramatic, in those moments of dizziness that send me crawling to the bathroom […]

Make It All Better With Cookies

Well hello….I wish I had a fun weekend recap for you but I really didn’t do much other than try to feel better and back to myself. You know what the secret is to officially putting yourself on the mend? Yep. A nice bakery cookie. All day on Saturday I felt that I needed a big cookie – you know, […]

No Long Run For Me

Fact: I have not missed my weekly long run since the week I added the run to my routine almost two years ago. If for some reason I couldn’t run on a Saturday, I adjusted my schedule accordingly to get the long run in Thursday or Friday. New fact: I am missing today’s long run. I randomly came […]