Recent Meals: Leftovers + Air Fried Chinese Food + Fudge

veggie pizza

Oh, hi. It’s Wednesday already! I have a few recent meals to quickly discuss so let’s get to it… I think this sort of counts as Thanksgiving leftovers. With leftover roasted Brussels sprouts and asparagus plus sweet potato and mashed cauliflower, I combined it all in a bowl and added chickpeas. It was delicious. Who […]

Short Week + Food + Fashion


  Of course I woke up and thought today was Monday but was pleasantly surprised to learn it’s actually Tuesday! Not that school starts for us today or anything like that. Nope. Not until tomorrow. Some districts start this morning but of course I’m in the district that starts tomorrow. Yet still, it’s nice to […]

Veggie Pizza On Long Island

veggie pizza on Long Island

  Just yesterday I was saying how grateful I always am for the little things in life. Well, here’s another example today. I’m grateful to live in New York where it’s hard to find a bad slice of pizza. There’s nothing like New York pizza! Specialty pizza slices have become a big thing over the […]

Routine, Real Life & Recent Eats

red mango parfait

    I tried really hard last week to find my working groove again. You know how hard that can be after a holiday break, right? But it was time! It was time to get back into routine, for my son to go back to school and for the holiday season to just be over […]