Meatless Meatballs – Vegan & Grain-Free

meatless meatballs

  I really could have called these meatless meatballs three ingredient meatless meatballs  because that’s all they really need in their most basic form, aside from spices of course but who counts the spices? So what’s the three ingredients you wonder? Cannellini beans (also known as white beans), nutritional yeast and some tomato paste. Yup, that’s it. […]

Japanese Sweet Potatoes & Next Week’s Meal Plan

roasted japanese sweet potatoes

  Confession: I went out of my way to go to Whole Foods, when I really could have picked up everything I needed at Trader Joe’s, simply because I wanted a snack from the food bar while I shopped. I couldn’t help myself, I love Whole Foods’ roasted vegetables. I didn’t seem to need that much from the grocery stores although I […]

My Meatless Diet

my meatless diet

  A close friend of mine recently told me that although she has been a carnivore all of her life, she is starting to consider a meatless diet and wanted my thoughts on the subject. Of course I took the time to talk to her in full detail and of course I decided that our conversation made for a great […]

Labor Day Weekend Stuff


  I hope you are busy enjoying the long Labor Day weekend! Just popping in with some scenes for the weekend so far 🙂 It’s always a pleasure dining at my friend Lisa’s house because she is a guaranteed good food time, especially since she is a vegetarian which means her barbeques will always involve […]

Vegetarian Summer Sides & Salads Links

    Whenever I am invited to a house party or barbecue, I am known for bringing a really good dessert. Not only because I am a terrific baker (well I am, okay?!) but because I take the time to make sure whatever I am bringing is super delicious and appetizing This is all for […]

Tried It Tuesday – Potatopia!


  I am really excited to be linking up today with my Lake Shore Runner-friend Sara’s Tried It Tuesday Series. The whole point of Tried It Tuesday is to broaden your horizon, try something new to you and then talk about it!   For quite some time now, I have been meaning to try out Potatopia, […]

Winter Skincare Guide

  My friend Robyn and I got so caught up in discussing our college days that when we randomly took a selfie while trying on funny hats in the mall the other day, we were overly shocked by what we looked like in the photo. Do we really look like that? When did we get so old? Is that a line? […]

Finding Balance Between Eating Clean And Living

oats in a jar

        My excitement surrounding the sale price of strawberries led me back to the grocery store which meant we had plenty on hand for making a quick round of chocolate-covered berries last night. Chocolate-covered strawberries take two minutes to make and don’t need to look like they came from Godiva to taste amazing. When my son […]

WIAW- New Year’s Again & Recents Eats

Cheesecake Factory

  It’s Wednesday, just in case you were wondering like I was when I woke up. It gets all confusing around the holidays, doesn’t it? It’s also the last day of 2014. Like, wow. I recall New Years Eve 2013 so well that I cannot believe it was 365 days ago. I randomly ended up in […]

The Food Mistakes I Made In Disney

  I don’t want to confuse you – today is Tuesday, not Wednesday. I just couldn’t wait until tomorrow to discuss what we ate in Disney. First, may I just say that the fruit-waters available at the hotel all day were super fun. Lemon/lime, orange and cucumber one day…pineapple, cantaloupe and watermelon the next… One of […]

One Of Those People


  As I shrieked at my son for having the nerve to actually use the hand towels in his bathroom for their intended purposes, I realized I have become one of those adults. Actually, I realized in that moment that I am not only one of those adults, I am officially one of those mothers. This can’t […]

Benefits of Organic Eggs Plus A $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway!


Although I have naturally gravitated towards a mostly plant-based vegetarian lifestyle, I will never be 100% plant-based or vegan. I refuse to give up my favorite chocolate desserts and Red Mango frozen yogurt parfaits, not to mention – in my opinion – a life without real cheese pizza once in a while isn’t much of a life at all. […]