Beach Lunches + Salad Bowls + Chickpea Pasta


I love that it’s Wednesday already. I’ve put together a whole bunch of random meals from the past few days. Somehow I missed a picture of my oreo shake from Shack Shack and any of the pizza I’ve eaten recently. Not sure how that happened! I had this Chopt salad after a one-hour massage last […]

First Indoor Dining + Mixing Up My Salad Ingredients

rothmanns sushi

I had my first indoor dining experience since March over the weekend at Rothmann’s. Certainly not a bad place to start! While I don’t eat steak, the menu is still packed with other options that I love. We had the mozzarella tower to start. I ordered two sushi rolls plus shared the steakhouse side dishes […]

I Hate January Diet Mentality (plus recent meals)


New year, same way of eating over here for me. No January diets for me. I really had no intention of getting into detail here about the whole January diet mentality — it makes me way too insane even to think about, let alone write about. But then I started typing this post and have […]