Recent Meals + Trader Joe’s + Warmed Apples

vegan Cobb

  My son starts his senior year of high school today. Although, it’s certainly not a normal start to school. He goes to school in person on Wednesday’s and Friday’s, plus every other Monday. Tuesday and Thursday are virtual. Who could have ever imagined such a routine?! I’m a bit sad that he’s already a […]

Random Thoughts + Salads + New At Trader Joe’s

vegan Cobb salad

A few random things plus food today to discuss! The older I get, the more affected I am by the sunlight — or lack thereof is really what this is about. We NEED to change the clocks already. Otherwise, I just cannot bounce out of bed early in the morning. Dark mornings are the worst! […]

Friday Favorites! June 15, 2018

vegan Cobb salad

Happy Friday! The week has been one busy blur over here so the fact that the weekend is here makes me really happy. I put together a few Friday Favorites to share today, let’s take a look! First, here’s another photo from the New York luncheon I attended/worked on Tuesday. I very quickly browsed through […]