Egg Sandwich Craving & Valentine’s Day Eats


  Today I can actually talk about what I ate on a different day than a Monday! I didn’t get enough pictures of what I ate in the city Monday night so instead, we can look at what I ate on Valentine’s Day. Breakfast: The usual pre and post run oatmeal. Nothing new here at all […]

best long run ever & workout recap

workout recap

Oh hi. Happy Valentine’s Day! So many chocolate truffles to choose from at Godiva! Before you go eat your Valentine’s chocolate, let’s take a look at my workouts from the week. Monday – 3 Miles treadmill & 20 Minutes Elliptical I was not feeling up to a major sweaty workout. Even with Sunday off, I think […]

Red Mango BOGO and Chocolate Chip Waffle Iron Cookies

  Ten years ago today someone had their first Valentine’s Day: My little bunny. Time flies by, just flies. Although, it sure goes slow when you are snowed in. Just saying. I bought the little boy his special Valentine chocolates earlier this week since I knew the snowstorm was coming and I couldn’t risk not having […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Being A Friend

  One of these days I am really going to talk about Apple Cider Vinegar and the health benefits associated with adding it to your morning glass of water. Today is not the day. It was going to be the day until I decided we needed to talk about something else entirely, something that is […]

I Am A Joy To Dine Out With…

  Since I had no intention of being in New York this weekend, I have given little thought to weekend plans. I can always go for cake though, especially free cake. I received free cake gift certificates back in December when The Cheesecake Factory ran a gift card promotion offering a free slice of cake […]

Dessert Comes with Rules

Happy Friday everyone! Since the sun was shining so bright this morning and the temperature actually above freezing, I chose to dodge the snow piles and ice patches to run outdoors for the first time in easily 10 days. I had to pay much more attention to my usual route since mounds of snow at […]

You Better Have Godiva

Awww. How sweet is my little 9 year old making his mommy a card all by himself. Can you read the post script at the bottom? I know, not easy to read right? I battle him every day not to rush through his school work and homework because rushing makes his handwriting illegible. Ugh boys…Or […]