Weekend Stuff In Pictures

chocolate chip cookies

  I win friends and influence people by serving chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven. Is there a better sight to see inside your Kitchen Aid mixer? Regardless of your recipe for chocolate chip cookies, using mini chocolate chips is the best way to go. Mini chocolate chips (semi-sweet, dark, or nondairy) provide your chocolate chip cookies […]

Mid-Week Report

Where did my spring go? The last few days have been cold and windy. I had been planning to retire my  Uggs to the closet this week as well as run a few hilly miles outdoors this morning. This is why I try not to plan ahead: 30 degrees plus wind chill was not part […]

Fun Finds!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. If you are lucky, you are still off today. Or, if you have a really cool mother, you aren’t going back to school today. Instead you are going to Opening Day for the Mets. He is going with his dad but aren’t I still cool for agreeing? Especially […]