Lunch With Michele At The Little Beet

The Little Beet

  I love that it is already Tuesday even though it feels like Monday! Three day weekends certainly help to make the week go that much faster which is super important this time of year when you are looking forward to enjoying some warm weather fun. Although, even with my pool opened and my beach pass waiting to […]

Nagging Need For Cross-Training

kickboxing class

  I have this slight nagging need for some cross-training at the moment. I say slight because 99.9% of my being just wants to run outside every single morning but the other 0.1% of me knows that I cannot do that without running myself straight into the ground. I decided to do something different so I […]

Tried It Tuesday – Potatopia!


  I am really excited to be linking up today with my Lake Shore Runner-friend Sara’s Tried It Tuesday Series. The whole point of Tried It Tuesday is to broaden your horizon, try something new to you and then talk about it!   For quite some time now, I have been meaning to try out Potatopia, […]