Low Mileage Week + Yoga + Friendly’s!

friendly's Reeses pieces sundae

A few things to note before getting to my workouts! This was a major low mileage week. It was way too cold for me to run outdoors aside from yesterday and the treadmill really wasn’t working for me beyond one 30 minute run. When I say the treadmill wasn’t working for me, I mean it […]

Running Story + Workouts From The Week

red mango

I held off sharing my workouts until today because I ran yesterday instead of Saturday. My intention was to run on the treadmill Saturday morning but I woke up completely not in the mood and I certainly wasn’t running outside because it was too cold for me.  Sunday’s forecast was sunny and above freezing < […]

Workouts From The Week (Love 30 Min Workouts!)

saucony ride

Just a quick recap of my workouts from the week! I’ll be back tomorrow (or Tuesday) to finally discuss last night’s big surprise party I had been planning with my cousins for my aunt and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary. The party was as detailed as a wedding (or Bar Mitzvah) planning process so I can’t […]

Weekly Workout Recap (5K workouts + pure barre)


  How can you not love the pretty leaves covering the ground right now? I mean, as a runner they can make things slippery, especially after it rains, but it’s still a pretty sight. I detail my daily runs fairly well below (two 5K workouts this week!) so let’s jump right in! Monday – 5 […]

Weekly Workout Recap: Running & Pure Barre


  I’m here! While I can’t figure out what my posting schedule will be going forward (or at least for right now), I am still keeping up with my workout recaps. Maybe I will find my regular blog posting groove again soon, and maybe I won’t. I really have no idea, all I know is […]

Quality Over Quantity (weekly workout recap)

royal wedding from gym

  3 things from this week before getting to my workouts! 1 – The weather has been horrendous. Will it ever be sunny again? 2 – This was a PMS week for me which can either mean nothing or mean I’m naturally a little more cautious because I don’t feel 100%. I think this week […]

Weekly Workout Recap 5.7.18 – 5.13.18

weekly workout recap

Popping in with my weekly workout recap before we head out for our 9th Annual Mother’s Day Breakfast Tradition! After Sunday’s 10K race, I recovered really quickly. Basically, I was not sore or fatigued at all after the race. I kept Monday easy but was able to jump back in to my regular week in […]

Weekly Workout Recap (4.16.18 – 4.22.18)

weekly workout recap

Jumping right in to my weekly workout recap details! Monday – 4 Miles (intervals)/In The Gym I really liked today’s workout in the gym! Here’s what I did: 1 mile treadmill free weights – upper body 3 miles treadmill: I ran random speed intervals, finishing EXACTLY at 24 minutes. squats, lunges, things like that Once […]

This Week’s Excitement: Kardashians In The Hotel Gym


  I COULD NOT WAIT to tell this story. As you know, last week I admitted to being busy searching hashtags on Khloe and Tristan because I needed to know what was going on with their situation. And then right after that, we (you like how I say we?) got the news that Khloe had the baby. […]

Workouts From The Week (4.2.18 – 4.8.18)

weekly workout recap running pure barre

  A few quick notes before getting to my workouts from the week! For starters, I had wanted to run the Aspire 10K yesterday but the weather had been calling for snow all week so I never registered. And then, it didn’t snow. Not fair! Now that I missed the Aspire 10K, I’m wondering if […]