NEED To Run (weekly workout recap)


I didn’t run for almost two weeks. At first, I didn’t mind but OH BOY was I itching to run by the weekend! I’m pretty sure that the most time off I’ve had from running in ten years is two weeks total – that was in 2018 after I dropped the shampoo bottle on my […]

Booster Shot + Running Mood (weekly workout recap)

New York weather

Last week was short yet a long one! Some notes before getting to my workouts: Booster Shot: I got my booster shot last Sunday. It wasn’t too bad but I did take off on Monday from any type of workout. Running Mood: My mood for running returned after a week of not really feeling like […]

Not Going To Discuss It (weekly workout recap)


I don’t even want to discuss how I finally made my return to using the gym in my community for the treadmill only to have the mask mandate reinstated last week. Nope, we aren’t going to discuss it. Instead, I will just tell you that I will run outdoors as much as I can tolerate […]

Weekly Workout Recap (12/9/19 – 12/15/19)

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I didn’t run much this week (only once) but I had my reasons: On the days I was in the gym, I did not feel like running. Friday, when I could have run, I preferred to walk. Over the weekend, I had a Bat Mitzvah to attend both Saturday and Sunday, with a funeral service […]