running & workout recap (2.13.17 – 2.19.17)

running shoes

  Overall I would call this a great week of running and workouts. A few things to note: I started each morning again this week with about 10-15 minutes of pre-run yoga. It definitely makes a difference to loosen up and stretch so I am really trying to make this a permanent habit just like the […]

60 Min Treadmill Workout With Speed Intervals (it’s fun!)

60 Min Speed Interval Treadmill Workout / The Cookie ChRUNicles

  I created this 60-minute treadmill workout with speed intervals last week and insist you try it immediately! It took me quite some time to create a new treadmill workout for this winter running season. Better late than never though, right? Lately, I am all about efficiency in my workouts. I don’t see the point nor […]