Don’t Hate The Treadmill! (Workout Round-Up)

There's no reason to hate the treadmill! Check out this round up of treadmill inspiring posts and workouts!

  It’s that time of year again. You know, that time of year when some of us runners are forced inside to run on the treadmill more often because the weather conditions prevent us from running outdoors. Running on the treadmill doesn’t need to be thought of as a bad thing though! Over the last few years, […]

Pure Barre Tone in 10 Review & Workout Recap

Fred Lebow Half Marathon Training Recap Week #2

  As I mentioned in Friday’s post, I am LOVING Pure Barre’s new Tone in 10 series of online workouts. For $14.95, you have access for a year to six 10 minute online workouts that you can mix and match in order to customize your own Pure Barre workout. What I love so far: You can structure the workouts […]

Long Run On The Treadmill Workout Plan

long run on the treadmill workout

  The weather forecast for my long run tomorrow morning is looking perfect enough (temps in the teens but no snow or ice) which means I can run outside. I am excited about this, of course, but if the weather by you isn’t going to be ideal for outdoor running, that does not mean you automatically skip […]

Beat The Boredom Treadmill Running Series

treadmill running series

    The weather this week has slowly led me to the treadmill. It’s not a bad thing, really! Of course I prefer the outdoors but I have reached the point where I want to say that I sort of like running on the treadmill and welcome the workout. I did a bunch of posts last year which addressed different types […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Make It Through The Mile On Treadmill

  Ever have a day where it suddenly hits you out of nowhere that you are exhausted? The kind of fatigue where you want to lay down and not move for a week? After working through the morning yesterday, I broke for lunch and then suddenly, exhaustion set in. No, I did not have turkey or […]