5 Favorites From Trader Joe’s (at the moment!)

Trader Joe's organic turmeric tea

  Let’s talk Trader Joe’s favorites today! I do my weekly grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s for many reasons including the small store vibe, a wide variety of unique offerings, and great pricing. While much of what I buy can be bought in other stores (like produce), there are must-have items to grab only from […]

5 Current Trader Joe’s Favorites

Trader Joe's organic peanut butter

  I’m still doing the majority of my food shopping each week at Trader Joe’s. While I’ve written several food shopping posts and Trader Joe’s favorites posts, I wanted to share my 5 current Trader Joe’s favorites always on my list lately! They are not new Fearless Flyer items or anything like that, just what […]

Friday Favorites – GapFit, NARS & Kisses

Hershey's kisses

  My Friday Favorites have been super popular lately so I am glad that I have another round of things I am loving this week! GapFit gFast Winterbrush Leggings: I never in a million years thought that GapFit apparel would make it to my favorites list but O-M-G do you need these GapFit gFast winterbrush leggings for running this […]