So Many Recent Meals To Share Today (Including Red Mango Parfait!)

red mango parfait

I missed last Wednesday’s post about food so for this week, I made sure to capture a few extra meals to share with you. There’s only one slice of pizza in today’s post. The amount of vegetables that they pile on this whole wheat pizza from Monte is beyond believable. You can barely find the whole […]

Mandarin Oranges vs. Clementines + Plus A Few Recent Meals

Sicilian Pizza

Well, suddenly it’s Wednesday and I’m here to talk food yet I don’t have much food to show you today. Oops. I haven’t taken a picture of the salads I’ve been eating daily at home because they look the same as every other week. I’ve been eating a lot of the cutie clementines, or so […]

Weekend Sentence Per Picture


  Friday night margarita pizza. Saturday bagel and salad for lunch from Town Bagel. If you don’t like rainbow cookies, we can’t be friends. Saturday night dinner at Matteo’s celebrating my friend Meaghan’s birthday. Outfit of the evening. ^My fave new top! Meaghan’s beautiful daughter, who is barely 14, is definitely part of our inner […]