8 Random Thoughts

blueberry waffles

  The after hours texts from my son are still going strong. Here’s a good one, from Sunday night: I need to talk to him about firing off multiple texts at once. My phone is not always on vibrate so hearing the text sound over and over AND OVER can seriously produce anxiety in even the […]

workouts from the week 10/26 – 11/1

Halloween candy

  Oh, hello. Anyone else up early due to the time change? Are you thinking about eating your leftover Halloween candy for breakfast? The time change used to bother me, especially when my son was little because he would wake up even earlier than normal and normal was horrendously early to begin with. Now though, I […]

WIAW- My Appetite Is My Clock

apples with peanut butter

  I often say that I notice the time change through my appetite because I find myself hungrier earlier than the clock thinks I should be hungry but the truth is, my appetite never really respected the concept of standard meal times anyway. When I am hungry, I am HUNGRY which translates as I must eat my meal now regardless […]

Weekly Workout Recap 10/27/14-11/2/14

Red Mango Parfait

  When it comes to the time change, usually my appetite wakes me early because it is used to eating breakfast by a certain time but I have a feeling I woke up not from my stomach but from the sound of the wind outside my window. The forecast is calling for 40 mph winds […]

Spring Ahead

Time change + NyQuil = Very tired Monday morning. Add in typing up this post and somehow losing the ENTIRE thing before publishing and I am ONE CRANKY GIRL. Deep Breath. Now, as I was saying prior to my post deleting itself, the boy and I went full spring ahead yesterday bright and early. He […]