Friday Favorites (Pizza + DC Flashback + Fashion)


I missed my usual post on Wednesday mainly because I didn’t really feel like talking about food. So instead, I’ll include my most recent favorite food in this week’s Friday Favorites. Favorite Food: I wanted pizza the other night but wanted something different from usual. Although I wasn’t quite sure what I was in the […]

Friday Favorites (Always Loved Tie-Dye + Fashion Finds)


Happy Friday! I’m excited for the weekend as we have our Mother’s Day breakfast to look forward to on Sunday. And, I don’t see a sign of rain after today, either. It won’t be too warm but that’s fine, so long as the sun comes out. In honor of Mother’s Day and Friday Favorites, let’s […]

Friday Favorites (Fitness + Food + Fashion Favorites from Week)

tie dye

I’m ready for the weekend, if for no other reason than the weather. They tell me that the sun will be out tomorrow! Some favorites from the week… Favorite Fitness: I really enjoyed my runs earlier this week! My plan was to run again yesterday and then again tomorrow (avoiding the heavy rain this morning) […]

Cinnamon Raisin Bagels + Kristin Ess Products + Tie-Dye

fresh cinnamon raisin bagels

  I’m so glad that it’s Friday! And so glad that I feel better. By yesterday, I even felt my appetite return to pretty much normal. It was getting weird to not be hungry, or even when hungry, not really want to eat anything. I had to give major thought to what I would really […]