What I Ate Wednesday 8.31.16

veggie burger with roasted potatoes and roasted vegetables

  Oh, hi! Let’s discuss what I ate on Monday… Breakfast: Along with changing up my workouts this week, I decided to change up my usual pre and post-run breakfast too. I didn’t feel like oatmeal so I switched back to my old favorite three ingredient pancake. This version is slightly different from my original recipe […]

recent yummy eats, Japanese sweet potatoes & recipes links

veggie burger salad

  Lots of good food going on lately! I made a version of my three ingredient pancake a few times this week, adding blueberries as it cooked along with cherries and Skoop B-Strong for added protein. I am very into cherries right now! I do have a slight allergy to raw cherries but so long […]

Cravings, Chopt & Out of Apples! (WIAW)

grilled mozzarella and tomato on ezekiel roll

  Just a quick note before we get to the food today — there may be some issues with my site over the next few days. I didn’t notice anything weird but Dreamhost emailed me to tell me things are weird and that my plug-ins have all been disabled to determine the problem. What problem?! I don’t see […]

Yesterday’s Run & WIAW

roasted sweet potatoes

  After talking yesterday about running on the treadmill, I actually got to run outside because I ran a little later than normal…And I disliked just about every step. I am so routine that running at a different time (we are only talking an hour or so later) threw me off completely. I was hungry, tired, irritable […]

WIAW – Chinese Take Out, Snacks & More

What I Ate Wednesday 12-16-15

  You would assume that writing a daily blog would help me to be more aware of what day of the week it is but actually, it’s even more confusing this way! Between thinking ahead about post topics and when to publish them, photographing food from one day to share a different day and then  sitting down […]

What I Ate Wednesday 12.9.15

What I Ate Wednesday

  My son was home sick yesterday with what we will call a slight stomach virus. I am saying slight because for one, I am not one to dwell on illnesses and make them more than they are and two, I like to consider the slight stomach viruses as the kind I will hopefully not catch. Anyway, let’s […]

Recent Eats 12/2/15

Recent Eats

  In my blogger brain, Wednesday = Food. I am skipping the What I Ate Wednesday fun though in favor of showing you more than just one day of what I have been eating. Breakfasts: I have been hooked on the blueberry pie protein oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter on top…. Yet at the same […]

My Sweet Tooth Took Over Plus Chocolately Recipe Round Up

extra confetti cake pop

      Something really exciting happened in my Twitter land this week. Seriously, I feel honored and almost famous in a modern technology sort of way. I actually had my favorite Maoz salad again the other night for dinner; it’s still fascinating to me that they opened near my house. The girl who handled the […]

What We Ate Snow Day

power bowl

    Because you want to know what I look like when I shovel snow… I originally thought that this weeks What I Ate Wednesday would be about what I ate yesterday while in the city for an event but of course that event was postponed due to the blizzard. So instead let’s just look at […]

Thinking Out Loud – Random Things

    1. As freezing as it was last night on the Little League field, and trust me, it was beyond freezing, yesterday morning I woke up to gorgeous sunshine and warmish temperatures….but didn’t run. Any other day and I would have skipped the plan for crosstraining in the gym in favor of running outdoors […]

WIAW – Lots of Watermelon And My New Favorite Lunch

When I planned out my runs for this week, I didn’t bother to look at the weather forecast. I whimpered my way to the gym yesterday morning in a thunderstorm to get my run accomplished on the treadmill. I talked a good game all winter as if I found love with the treadmill but I think it […]

Three-Ingredient Pancake With Chia Seeds

three ingredient pancake

  Did you eat breakfast yet? OK good, I am glad I caught you. You need to tweak the two-ingredient pancake to include a third ingredient. Chia Seeds. Known for thickening just about anything they are added to, chia seeds added as our third ingredient thicken our pancake and make it that much better than […]