Coffee Mugs + Registeries + Lifetime Fitness?! (TOL)

Lifetime Athletic

  No joke, is it Friday yet? I’ve been asking this question all week. I’m ready for Friday. Remember I mentioned wanting to sort through all of my old coffee mugs?  Well, I finally tore through that cabinet, removing all coffee mugs that had a slight chip or stain on the inside. I got rid […]

Junk Drawers + NYC Marathon Application + On This Day

NYC marathon-lottery

  Every time I do the laundry and it’s time to move the wet clothes to the dryer, I pray that when I open the dryer, it’s empty. You know, not filled with a load of clean clothes that I totally ignored forgot needed to be folded. Twice this week I was surprised elated to see […]

5 Years Of Blogging (!!) + On This Day

AllSeated event photo booth

    I started this little blog five years ago this week. 5 years! Half a decade! Half of my thirties! Nine half marathons! 10K’s, 5’s, and other races too! All documented here! What is there really to say about five years of blogging? I mean, I’ve been saying it just by writing on a […]

My Recent GYNO Experience With My Weight & The Scale

molten lava cake

  Just a quick foot update! I went to the foot doctor yesterday (because I dropped a shampoo bottle on the top of my foot which I mentioned in my post yesterday) and it’s not broken! He took X-Rays and everything looks good but he said I did the right thing not running on it. […]

Running Is My Morning Cup Of Coffee (TOL)

candy buffet

  Running is my morning cup of coffee. My friend Lisa made this statement to me the other morning and it was just the cutest, most accurate phrase to describe my morning running habit. Lisa and I have been friends since our boys were 5 months old. I’m sure that I have already told our […]

Pinterest Hacked + Ugg Slippers As Shoes (tol)

ugg slippers

  My week did not start out on the best note aside from the lack of energy I experienced while running from eating too little carbs. I woke up early Monday morning to learn my Pinterest account had been hacked! While Pinterest isn’t a HUGE deal and it wasn’t my blog or my bank account, […]

Happy Thanksgiving! Plus On This Day

cake tasting at rbi cakes

  It’s not Thanksgiving if we don’t look back at the ever-classic picture of my son when he was six weeks old. Also known as that time my now ex-husband placed my baby in the pan that was about to hold the Thanksgiving mashed potatoes. I remember that the kid was crying regardless (because all […]

Must-Have Cookie + My Evil Giggle + On This Day

max brenner must have cookie

  Um, did you happen to catch on Instagram what Max Brenner has going on at the Holiday Shops in Bryant Park ?! This is a must-have cookie. I just MUST have this chocolate chip cookie sandwich with ganache in the center! I know I will be in the city more often in the coming […]

Marathon Plan (!!) + On This Day


  “I train really hard to make it look easy” – that’s what Shalane Flanagan said while being interviewed on Live with Kelly and Ryan. I had the television on in the background while I was working the other morning. Normally I tune out background noise but somehow, I picked up on her saying that […]