Black Friday Shopping Deals


I hope you had a very nice Thanksgiving. I’ve actually been sick with a bad cold this week (not COVID) so yesterday was not the typical holiday for me. I did keep some of the desserts for myself at home though and those chocolate fudge-filled cookie cups are as delicious as they appear. 🙂 In […]

Black Friday Shopping and Sales!

thanksgiving sides

Okay, so this Thanksgiving was obviously unlike any other which just goes in line with what the year has been. We didn’t go to the city and I haven’t seen my cousins in almost a year. It’s fine though, we have our health and had really delicious food yesterday too. I made cornbread stuffing, roasted […]

Thanksgiving + Black Friday Sales 2019!

thanksgiving food

  I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! It has become customary for me to share a few pictures of the pretty Thanksgiving tables my aunt sets for the holiday. And of course, the Thanksgiving food. There was just so much that it became hard to get a good picture of everything! I was trying […]

Thanksgiving Highlights + Black Friday Sales + Items On My List

Thanksgiving plate

    Oh, hi! How was your Thanksgiving if you celebrated yesterday? I hope it was really nice and that the food was delicious. As usual, I piled my Thanksgiving plate with all of the side dishes. This is the one holiday where being a meatless eater is hardly noticeable because the sides are so […]

Happy Thanksgiving! Plus On This Day

cake tasting at rbi cakes

  It’s not Thanksgiving if we don’t look back at the ever-classic picture of my son when he was six weeks old. Also known as that time my now ex-husband placed my baby in the pan that was about to hold the Thanksgiving mashed potatoes. I remember that the kid was crying regardless (because all […]

Recipe Links I Am Loving!

Links I am Loving!

    Woah. There are some amazing recipes flying around the blog world right now to the point where even I, the person who has come to dislike cooking, is feeling inspired! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I wanted to share the recipes of interest to me this week. Most are great choices for […]

Thanksgiving Week in Review

salad and bagel

  It’s so not easy getting back into the swing of things after the long holiday weekend but hey, we have no choice. Last week feels like a total blur so just in case you were unplugged/out of your usual blog reading routine, here are some posts you may have missed: My Pure Barre Pure Results (focus […]

Weekly Workout Recap (Thanksgiving Week)

Saucony Rides

  I kept waiting to have a bleh run this week but it never happened! I don’t know why, I just figured at some point my legs would get heavy or my mood would want nothing to do with the routine nature of the miles but each day was a good one. By today though, […]

Thanksgiving Highlights 2016

table centerpieces

  I meant to pop in yesterday morning but here’s what happened: First, I didn’t open my laptop on Wednesday beyond 2:30 pm. My son and I went out in the afternoon after I picked him up from school and once we got home after dinner, I considered myself unplugged from everything other than my television […]

Thanksgiving Highlights & Next Week’s Meal Plan

Dark Chocolate Pound Plus Chocolate Bar From Trader Joe's

    When I woke up this morning absolutely STARVING, I thought back immediately to my previous Black Friday posts when I felt the same way and said the exact same thing. It’s a good thing I am not one to think twice about the amount of food I eat on Thanksgiving because trying to make […]

Thanksgiving Day Thinking Out Loud

Thanksgiving side dishes

    1) I found a stash of chocolate chip cookies that I baked a few months ago in my freezer the other night. I wish I knew which recipe it was that I conjured up because gosh they were good cookies and now I have no idea how to remake them. I must confess that I picked out all […]

What I Ate Wednesday 11/25/15

What I Ate Wednesday

  I don’t know what I am more excited for – all of the food on Thanksgiving or the fact that we have a few days off after today which means no early wake ups for school or homework to yell about. Speaking of food, let’s take a look at what I ate yesterday and […]