City Food + Pizza Tour Stop + Roasted Vegetables

black and white cookies

Let’s back up a bit, back to late last week when I was in the city. Indoor dining in the city has been closed (but is set to reopen this Friday). While downtown in lower Manhattan, we stopped at Little Italy pizza for some pizza to eat outside. It’s a bit strange to eat pizza […]

Cake For Lunch Expert & What I Call Big News (TOL)

cinnamon vanilla yogi tea

  Another week, another round of people asking google if it’s okay to eat cake for lunch and the google keyword search brings them to me. I’m the cake for lunch expert I guess. If cake is what you randomly want for lunch today, go ahead. Honor the craving. You have my permission. If cake for lunch will make […]

WIAW: PB2, Favorite Salad, Hershey’s Kisses

favorite salad combination

  It’s February, it’s February!! If only today were Saturday too, right? Since it’s only Wednesday, let’s take a look at what I ate on Monday… Breakfast: I’m still eating oatmeal before and after I run. Here’s an early morning picture of my pre-run oatmeal, mixed with banana and cinnamon plus a side of coffee. The […]

Totally Just Thinking Out Loud

Billy Joel CD

  I felt terrible that Amanda, (our Thinking Out Loud host) had to deal with major website issues this week. I tried my best to help her through the disaster (when your site is going nutty it is truly a disaster) but I am borderline useless around computers. At least I think I am, sometimes […]

TOL- One Of Those Weeks

cold stone

    Between my major computer issues, school ending and camp not starting until Monday plus my period arriving with a real attitude five days early (you so needed to know that) all combined with trying to keep up with the blog and work stuff, it’s a wonder I have made it to Thursday in […]

Coffee Makes Us Kinder People & Other Thoughts

    Because it’s Thursday and this sums up my current mindset. We had another snow day on Monday which I don’t think I told you about. If we want to get technical here it was more of an ice day than a snowstorm day but that doesn’t matter at this point. What matters is that my […]

Thinking Out Loud – Random Thoughts

  It works out perfectly to link up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud fun since I have so much to say this morning. 1. Once again I found a load of laundry in my dryer. Even better, the clothes were still damp. This actually worked to my advantage early yesterday morning – I was able to […]

Keurig Karma

  Never insult your favorite appliance on the internet. I have woken up to a broken Keurig machine. Although this specific Keurig machine has served me well for over seven years, to die on me first thing in the morning is cruel and can only be because I insulted it’s flashing blue light just a couple of […]

WIAW Plus My Magical Adidas Sneakers

  Just like someone who looks for the magic food or diet plan to lose weight easily, I look for the perfect sneaker to support my feet and provide me with magical runs each and every day. As if there is some miracle of a running shoe that keeps you hitting those paces and happy endorphins each […]

Back-to-Back Long Runs, Switching Up The Sneakers And Other Smart Moves

  I did something smart. And cost-effective. My Asics Gel Nimbus 15’s (on the left) are quickly wearing thin. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – increasing one’s mileage will increase the frequency of purchasing new running shoes. Don’t get me wrong – I love a new pair of shoes but spending big bucks right now to get THE […]

Things That Make Me Happy

I have been drinking a lot of tea lately. No no,  don’t be silly, just because I am drinking a lot of tea does not mean I stopped drinking a lot of coffee. In fact, when I work from Panera I drink more than a lot of coffee. I am a sucker for free refills. […]