Recent Meals + I’ve Grown Up So Much


This week is flying by! The weather has been nice which has made for great running weather. I truly love running this time of year and won’t even mind when it gets even hotter! Early sunrises and warm weather are just the best for me as a morning runner. I have a few recent meals […]

6 Recent Meals To Share Today!


I didn’t forget that I wanted to talk about how I’ve been making my oatmeal recently. The problem is that not only did I not take pictures the last time I made a pot of oatmeal, but I am also now finding myself in the mood for Ezekiel raisin bread toasted with peanut butter for […]

What I Ate In The City Last Week


As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I was in the city last week for work and it was a lot of fun! I’ve been going into the city more often lately to hang in the office but last week we had a lot of people in town so I stayed for a few days rather than […]

Recent Meals + Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chips Issues

vegetable sushi

  Wednesday already! Who else is ready for a long holiday weekend?   Another week, another Chopt salad. My son and I are in a good place with ordering from Chopt in that he trusts me to place his order along with mine and pick it up for him. For a while there he was […]

Birthday Dinners + Birthday Cakes (My Son’s Birthday)

birthday cake

Yesterday was my son’s birthday! 17. Who can believe that? I know I can’t. I mean, I’ve been writing this blog since he was what — nine years old?! That alone is crazy to me. But the fact that I have a son who is seventeen, driving his own car and applying to college (well […]

First Indoor Dining + Mixing Up My Salad Ingredients

rothmanns sushi

I had my first indoor dining experience since March over the weekend at Rothmann’s. Certainly not a bad place to start! While I don’t eat steak, the menu is still packed with other options that I love. We had the mozzarella tower to start. I ordered two sushi rolls plus shared the steakhouse side dishes […]

Food Highlights (Lunch at Chopt + Sushi + Pizza)

bbq ranch salad

This post is in no particular order in terms of which day I ate what but that’s ok, right? We can just call it a bunch of food highlights since last week’s Heat Wave Appetite post. I met a friend for lunch at Chopt the other day. We ordered ahead so the salads were waiting […]

Salt Cravings + Stir Fry Bowls + Levain Bakery!

levain cookie

  Okay, so first, here’s a picture of my cold oatmeal that I had post-run on the boardwalk on Sunday. There’s nothing pretty about it but it’s what I eat every single morning for years. Oatmeal (steel-cut and rolled oats cooked together) with cinnamon, sea salt, blueberries, and peanut butter. When I have other berries […]

Donut Day + Cupcakes + Sushi (Quick But Good Recent Eats!)

chocolate frosted donut

  Oh, hi. I wasn’t sure what my plan was in terms of posting this week. Like I mentioned on Monday, I haven’t been in the mood to write and also stopped taking pictures of what I’ve been eating for the most part over the last several days. However, I did take a few pictures […]

Race Recovery Food + Salads + Current TJ Favorite

bialy with veggie cream cheese

  Well, I am sufficiently thrown off this week to know that today is Wednesday! Not only because Monday was a holiday but because I shared my race recap yesterday when I don’t usually post on Tuesday’s. Anyway. Wednesday. Food. Let’s begin. After Sunday’s race, I had the watermelon I packed for the car ride […]

Recent Meals + Panera Salad + Trouble With Brussels Sprouts


Lots of recent meals to discuss! Let’s get started with some salads first. I told you the vegan cobb salad was becoming my favorite at The Cheesecake Factory. While I almost ordered my original favorite barbecue ranch salad, I ultimately went with the vegan cobb again, instead. It really is so good! Here’s my most […]

Short Week + Food + Fashion


  Of course I woke up and thought today was Monday but was pleasantly surprised to learn it’s actually Tuesday! Not that school starts for us today or anything like that. Nope. Not until tomorrow. Some districts start this morning but of course I’m in the district that starts tomorrow. Yet still, it’s nice to […]