I finally went to the lululemon outlet plus other weekend stuff

kashi sushi

  Friday night’s weather was not ideal for dinner at Prime so as much as I wanted to try their new Movie Theater Sundae, we changed our reservations. I wasn’t disappointed though, we went to Kashi which is probably my favorite spot for sushi. I still wanted a sundae so we went to Ben & Jerry’s. I had the […]

Important Weekend Things


    So what constitutes important weekend things? My pizza at Emilio’s Friday night. It may have been slightly burned but I ate it anyway. I love the corner slices from a grandma pie. This chopped vegetable salad, which arrived at the table after I snacked on the above pizza. They chop it all up […]

Let’s Catch Up!


  Let’s start with my last Pure Barre class (for now at least) which I attended Friday morning… Fact: I do not wear makeup when I run or workout, regardless of who may see me. I would rather have uneven skin tone and appear half-asleep than breakout from makeup seeping into my pores while I sweat. So […]

Ben & Jerry’s and Putting Life In Perspective

ben and jerrys sundae

I made my son an omelette with my signature recipe home fries for dinner the other night. He told me that the omelette, which was pretty basic (he let me add plum tomatoes to it though!), was “the best omelette of his entire life.” The home fries were pretty fab too, trust me. He loved them. […]

Rainy Ten Mile Run And Birthday Recap

brownie cookie sundae

  Can we just start today with me telling you how sweet you all are? Your birthday wishes and the fact that you listen to me ramble on about chocolate cake means the world to me. Like really. The world. Can’t thank you guys enough. And don’t think for one second that I don’t plan on […]

Always Room For Cold Stone

  Monday morning already? Seriously? Oh well. No time to think about it since I have quite a busy week ahead of me, beginning this morning with an important meeting in Manhattan. At least it isn’t frigid today. Wait, let me correct that – At least it isn’t frigid this morning. It is rainy yet […]

Possible Shin Splints, Uggs Slippers As Shoes And A Sweet Little Treat

Just because I haven’t mentioned my runs this week, certainly doesn’t mean they haven’t been happening. As you can see, my path is still very much under construction but I am slowly getting used to the new route that I created for myself. Slowly is the keyword here. My pace has been a bit off for easily the […]

Long Run, Rest Day, Chinese Food, Sushi and a Cold Stone Sundae

Weekends are best recapped in food, don’t you think? Let’s start with my little boy’s Chinese food craving that hit as soon as he got out of school on Friday. He walked out of school with an extreme, out of nowhere Chinese food craving and since I never deny the boy an Asian meal, Chinese […]