I Ran A Great Race But Not Ready For Summer To End


  I didn’t get a trophy this year but I must say, I was really pleased with the race so let’s discuss…. I got real lucky that it didn’t rain during the race. I say lucky because the drizzling on my windshield as I drove to the race suddenly reminded me that I completely forgot to bring […]

Thought Per Picture

acai bowl

  Don’t let this scenic summer photo from Saturday’s long run on the boardwalk fool you. The bright sunshine was relentless throughout the run and trying to find a shady spot was impossible to the point where if I ever run this route again in the summer, I am considering one of those umbrella hats and won’t care […]

Unofficial Start Of Summer With A Race

  Imagine my excitement after yesterday’s post to see Chocolate Covered Katie shared her Healthy Makeover recipe for Entenmann’s Chocolate-Covered Mini Donuts. I know we were talking about Entenmann’s cookies but still, to see an Entenmann’s healthy makeover recipe left me wanting to call all of you immediately to talk about it. Here’s the link to the recipe. The […]

Rosh Hashanah and Women’s Health Run10Feed10 info

Rumor has it today is already Wednesday. And, get this, Rosh Hashanah begins tonight at sundown. The holidays are super early this year and while I am never one to turn down challah, apples and honey, I do have a bit of trouble switching from summer mode to fall mode so quickly. The fall produce is a bit behind the […]

The Best of Summer

My friends who follow my blog often tell me that when they read my posts, they can actually hear me talking. However, my key phrases which I am known to say everyday are missing from all posts: “Uh huh” “This is not OK” “I don’t even understand” I realized this morning that all three of my […]

Thank you Thank you

Rise and shine! Time to get running! Before I head out, I have a few things to say. Isn’t it amazing how I never run out of what to say? I first want to thank Christine over at Gotta Eat Green, Ashley over at Eat Run Live Happy and Chris at Genext13 for nominating me for […]

Three Tip Tuesday- I am back!

I am such a creature of habit that not being able to say hello to you all yesterday totally threw off my morning. Admit it, your morning was thrown off too and you may even think you missed me a bit. The site is still undergoing changes so please bear with me if you have […]

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I am having a love/hate feeling for today. I mean, no one can love Monday but at the same time, I am welcoming Monday in order to snap me back into my normal routine. Are you sitting down? I took another full rest day yesterday. That makes two in one week. No, I was not sick. […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Organization

Good morning Spin Tuesday! Ok, so I am not all that excited for a grueling hour of intense spinning but I am slightly looking forward to checking out the new spin bikes. I hate to report that I have not had the chance to get to Lifetime to test out those new treadmills. I know that so many of […]

The Stars Align….

Friday sure came quick! Love the short weeks when Monday is a holiday. It went from 50 degrees last Saturday to suddenly high 90’s. Welcome to summer. Pool, beach, outdoor dining…doesn’t get better than this time of year! I can’t believe the calendar is claiming June 1st is tomorrow. Lots of fun things happening in […]