Summer Running Weekly Workout Recap


Ah, I love the summer. I hope you had a nice holiday weekend. I spent most of my time at the beach, outside, and enjoying my workouts. As I say often, summer is my running season. My interest in running is up. My mileage is up, my distance per run is going up, and my […]

Friday Favorites (Mostly Fashion + Some Makeup)

Friday Favorites

I don’t know how we got to Friday so quickly but I’m pretty excited about it! This week flew by with busy workdays but I wanted to pop in with a few favorites ahead of the weekend. I spotted these flip flops with the cute pearl on the front yesterday and can’t stop thinking about […]

Heat Wave Appetite (Recent What I Ate Wednesday Meals)


My appetite is definitely feeling affected by the heat. It’s not noticeable every day but some days, I’m noticing that I’m not as hungry. The thought of eating sometimes feels like too much in my stomach. I’ve even had a few moments where I think a smoothie sounds good and if you know me, you […]

Summer Weekend + Recent Eats + Pizza As Part of Healthy Lifestyle


  Normally I would be due for a Trader Joe’s post so that you could see what I’ve been buying and eating lately. Right now though, with my son away, I’ve been dining out crazy often and hardly stocking the house with any food! Aside from basic salad ingredients, coffee, chocolate chips, and oatmeal essentials, […]

Workouts + Quick Weekend Recap

refuge cauliflower pizza

  We are talking my week in workouts today because I ended up running yesterday instead of Saturday so I figured I would hold off until this morning to fully recap the week. First, you should know that my son left on his teen tour early Friday morning and of course called me looking for […]

Friday Favorites: Treadmill Run + Summer Starts + My Style

my style

  Ahhh my son leaves this morning for his teen tour! You can be sure I will continue to repeat the following a few times on the way to drop him off: Well, I hope I packed you right. Good luck finding everything in your luggage as you ignored me when I tried to explain […]

Talking Pizza Cravings + Blogger Struggles + Other Happenings

Sicilian pizza

  As a writer, I either feel one of two ways during busy times in my life. When my brain and day to day activities feel all over the place, sitting down to write blog posts will either center me and help me to feel more normal (sort of like running does!), or it becomes […]

The Best Of Summer 2017


    As much as I am ready for my son to go back to school, I am not ready for summer to end. This was my summer of freedom and definitely my most favorite summer in recent memory. Even with hockey season approaching (insert emoji heart here), I’m just not ready for my summer […]

Week In Review: Summer of Freedom

cauliflower pizza

    Friday night’s teen tour pick up was really the unofficial end of my summer of freedom. While there are still three weeks left before school starts, summer as I knew it (and as my son knew it) is now over. As you already know, my son did a six-week teen tour that had […]

Vegetarian Sushi, Chipwiches, Summer in NYC


  Happy Monday! I’m linking up with Meg’s Week In Review today! I published five blog posts last week which I didn’t even realize until putting this week in review post together. 3 Year Pure Barre Anniversary Best Onion Rings In New York (Recent Eats) When You Stop Caring About What You Eat (TOL) Long […]

Black Tap NYC & Top 5 Summer 2016

  My finger clicked on something in my blog editor which displayed the stats for this quarter’s top viewed blog posts, sparking the idea for today’s post. I want to share with you the most viewed blog posts this summer and then follow them up with my favorite moments from summer 2016. Top 5 Reader Favorite Blog Posts: How To […]