Weekly Workouts Recap 9/8/14-9/14/14

weekly workout recap

I thought I would attempt to offer a weekly recap of my workouts since I am often asked what my routine looks like and how many miles I run on average. I never strive to hit a certain amount of miles each week nor do I plan out what each run or workout should look like. I […]

Yesterday’s Run & A Stur Giveaway!


  If you are trying to build on your endurance and extend your runs, I am going to guess that one of your biggest struggles sometimes is getting through the first few miles. Making it through those first three miles, loosening up, working out the kinks and finding your groove is key to going longer. I often feel […]

Healthy Brand Showcase Stuff

vegetarian salad

  Just because I am a mother does not mean I know how to do laundry. Do you know what this is? This would be my Run Swiftly short sleeve shirt that I wore for Monday’s race which I seem to have washed with the race bib still attached. And, just because I am a mother does […]