What I’ve Eaten Recently!

plant wise

Since I missed last Wednesday’s post, I included some extra meals and things to make up for it! I was very happy to see that Trader Joe’s had Ginger Turmeric Tea back in stock. I bought three boxes as well as my other necessities like chocolate chips, frozen blueberries for my daily oatmeal, and salad […]

A Story On Measuring Food (plus recent meals)

stir fry

  I have a few recent meals to share with you today. But first, a story. I don’t discuss it every week but I think you already know that I like to eat chocolate chips. And while I’m still devastated that Trader Joe’s changed the recipe for their semi-sweet chocolate chips (even if they say […]

First Iced Coffee of Season + Recent Meals + Pizza Superstition

iced coffee

I had my first iced coffee of the season. Decaf iced coffee, actually. I’ve been drinking less coffee over the last few months and surprisingly, I don’t miss the extra cup that I cut out of my daily routine. I also don’t notice that I subbed one regular cup of coffee for decaf in the […]

Recent Meals + Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chips Issues

vegetable sushi

  Wednesday already! Who else is ready for a long holiday weekend?   Another week, another Chopt salad. My son and I are in a good place with ordering from Chopt in that he trusts me to place his order along with mine and pick it up for him. For a while there he was […]

Recent Meal Highlights From The Last Few Days


I’ve had some problems with my site this week in terms of logging in so if you have experienced issues loading the blog too, I do apologize. Just a few food photos to share but really, is any week that different from the week before? I mean, maybe just a little this time around as […]

Salt Cravings + Stir Fry Bowls + Levain Bakery!

levain cookie

  Okay, so first, here’s a picture of my cold oatmeal that I had post-run on the boardwalk on Sunday. There’s nothing pretty about it but it’s what I eat every single morning for years. Oatmeal (steel-cut and rolled oats cooked together) with cinnamon, sea salt, blueberries, and peanut butter. When I have other berries […]

Easy Recipes To Make Right Now While Stuck At Home

Cold Smores

Now is a really good time to share some of my easy-to-make recipes from past years on the blog. Obviously, we know that I don’t create new recipes these days (unless you want to learn how I make a pizza bagel) but I feel that I did put in my time in the kitchen during […]

Running When Stressed + Recent Meals + Cauliflower Stir Fry

Trader Joe's Cauliflower Stir Fry

So I have a few meals to share today but I also wanted to chime in with a short little section about running when stressed. It is definitely not easy to run during mentally stressful times in life. I read Hungry Runner Girl’s post from yesterday (I feel like you probably did too?) and wanted […]

Former Favorite Meal + Good Salads + Links

stir fry

  Another Nor’Easter here in New York today! Bleh. I’m trying not to care too much as we are inching closer to spring (and summer!) every day now. Schools are closed and I’m watching the weather on the news at the moment. The rain/snow line is really confusing. How much snow and/or rain we are […]

Friday Favorites! (1.5.18)

stir fry

    Woah. Big blizzard yesterday! I’m telling you – I am so very lucky that I dropped that shampoo bottle on the top of my foot during this time of the year. There really hasn’t been a better week to be told not to run between the completely frigid temps and piles of snow! […]

Crying Over A Salad & Nighttime Snack Rut

greek salad

  I thought yesterday was Wednesday which would have made today Thursday but today is actually Wednesday which means yesterday was only Tuesday. Breakfast: Explain to me how people wake up and don’t eat breakfast. I will never relate or understand. Not hungry in the morning? You forgot to eat? Not interested in breakfast foods? You don’t have […]

Site Was Down & Dishwasher Is Broken (WIAW)

peanut butter chocolate chip protein bites

As you may have realized yesterday, my site was down ONCE AGAIN for SEVERAL HOURS. My post for yesterday never went live and I spent most of the first day of school morning shouting in all capital letters to a Dreamhost Live Chat window. I am still scheduled to switch hosts this week; you shouldn’t notice a difference and you […]