Beauty Favorites Winter 2016

beauty favorites winter 2016

  I realized that it had been a while since l last did a beauty favorites post! Hair: I like to use a few different shampoos and conditioners each week. I also like to rotate the products I buy so when I ran out of Kerastase last month, I quickly picked up this combination as a change […]

Thinking Out Loud 1.7.16

coffee in bed

    1. Another week of school mornings, another week of uneaten car breakfasts because, you know, no one eats breakfast before school. 2. I have been putting paprika on anything and everything. I need to google what it means to crave paprika. 3. I needed new eye shadow and flashed myself way back to […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Skincare

I debated writing my usual post for today after seeing in the news the Tornado tragedy in Oklahoma. If my major problem at the moment is which sunscreen to use, I consider myself very lucky. This year has been a year like no other in recent memory; ever since Hurricane Sandy back in October, my […]