Thinking Out Loud February 25, 2016

cookie crisp

  I was going to say I still can’t find my neck warmer but then somehow we (we as in my friend Meghan and I) discovered yesterday afternoon that she had it by mistake in a pile of stuff I had given her but I can’t go to get because she has the flu and […]

weekend chit chat

hershey bar cheesecake

  Do people still say chit chat? I am loving that I stick to my recent food shopping plan of only going to Trader Joe’s once a week. This week’s shop involved a full cart (they ran out of produce bags on me again!) and a container of watermelon which I snacked on and finished before getting […]

Adidas Update and New Beauty Finds

  I request a lot from my shoes. I know what I am looking for, I know what I need and I won’t settle for less. Here’s the thing – plenty of sneakers are comfortable. That’s what makes this so complicated. You can try on a ton of running shoes that seem to feel amazing. You […]

Who Collects Lip Balm?

As a little girl, I always liked to collect things that interested me. It started with Hello Kitty and stickers, hockey cards and sports memorabilia. As I got older, my collecting matured to collecting things in the housewares department that involved cupcakes and desserts such as dishes, paintings, ice cream bowls, napkins, dish towels….you get my point, yes? […]