Weekend Things + Lip Balms + Workout Ideas For Thanksgiving

chocolate covered pretzel

  I did a horrible job of taking pictures this weekend. In fact, I don’t even know where the weekend went. Have the last several days been a blur, or is it just me? Anyway, here are just a few things from the weekend. I had one of these chocolate-covered pretzels Friday night at Chocolate Works. […]

One Of Those Weeks, New Car & Recent Eats

silician pizza

  Last week was just one of those weeks. You know, one of those weeks where it feels like just about everything is going wrong for days on end? When one of those weeks happen, you need a balanced attitude and positive mood for properly dealing with life and although those are my finer qualities 99.9% of the time, […]

Race Day!! LI Half Marathon Training Week #8


It’s LI Half Marathon day! Let’s pretend to be all cheery and excited about the possibility of rain throughout the race. How the forecast went from a sunshine pretty second half to the weekend to OMG stay indoors it’s going to be a rainy day I don’t know but, really, when are weather forecasts ever that accurate? Anyway. It’s much better […]

A Singing Banana & Recipes of Interest

stew leonards

  Anyone else crazy ready for the weekend? I know, me too. I totally need a break! The good news is that my food shopping is basically done which frees up extra weekend time for things like restocking my moisturizers which all decided to run out at once and doing my son’s camp clothing shopping […]

WIAW – I Haven’t Had Peanut Butter In Days

What I Ate Wednesday 2-24-16

  That’s right. I haven’t had peanut butter in days, not since before I got sick last week. My eating habits tend to change for a bit after a virus so I am just going with it, eating what I crave and what sounds appealing. The last time I had a real bad stomach virus, […]

Thinking About Nothing & My New Favorite Hangout

french toast bagels

    1) I usually have a running list at the start of the week of things I want to say in my Thinking Out Loud post. Not this week. My mind must have turned to snow. 2) Instead of making a list to later form into legible sentences for this post, I wrote the […]