We Tried Spoons Ice Cream & Cereal Bar!

spoons ice cream cereal bar

  I have been waiting for Spoons Ice Cream & Cereal Bar to open for months. The hype was all over social media and I was literally waiting by my Instagram for the grand opening announcement. Spoons opened last week and we finally went the other day to check it out! Spoons Ice Cream & […]

Islanders Won & Other Weekend Stuff

food shopping

  It’s a real good thing that I type and you read rather than I talk and you listen because I have no voice left after yesterday’s Islanders game. It was a crazy intense, loud game (hence the no voice thing) that ended with an Islanders win (2-1) in overtime! I didn’t even play the game and […]

Thinking Out Loud Link-Up With Running With Spoons!

  Happy Thursday! I am super excited this morning because Amanda decided to host a link up today to her Thursday “Thinking Out Loud” posts. I am always thinking something so this gives me the perfect opportunity to let you in on my thoughts of the moment. I know you are excited. Before we get […]