Friday Favorites (Hair/Beauty/Fashion)

nye snow globe heels

I’ve got a whole bunch of random favorites from the last little while so jumping right into discussing them today! I bought this Youth The The People Hydrate & Glow Dream Mask with Vitamin C. You leave it on like a moisturizer at night after the rest of your skincare. It’s so nice and thick […]

Friday Favorites (Target Finds + J.Crew Sales + Beads)

bead bracelets

I live for the memes circulating social media right now including this little funny below. I mean, there’s nothing funny about what’s going on here in my area (or anywhere in the world) right now, but you gotta try to find something to make you laugh. In other news, I’m happy to announce that I […]

Friday Favorites November 16, 2018

greek salad

Okay it’s Friday! We won’t even discuss that it snowed a bunch of inches yesterday. I am not ready for this! Moving on to my favorites instead… Favorite Fitness: I received the race photos from Sunday’s 10K race, also known as the race where I finished second for my age but dropped my phone at […]

Almost Birthday Time & Friday Favorites

Cheesecake Factory salad

  It’s Friday AND its June 1 which means it’s almost my birthday! With my birthday quickly approaching on Tuesday (!!?!!) of course the celebration begins now. Should we discuss that I’m about to be 40 like a real adult? Let’s not. Just a few Friday Favorites for today before I begin to celebrate my […]

10K Training Desire + My Favorite Camisole


  Sunday’s race left me with an inspired feeling for wanting to train specifically for a 10K race. I’ve been talking to Laura about it all week because I find the 10k distance so interesting. For starters, the 10K race distance is not a super popular race offering and I beg to wonder why! In […]

Comfy Fashion Finds + Links


Yay! My laptop is all fixed! I was so eager to pick it up from the Apple Store yesterday afternoon that I even delayed eating my lunch to go over to the mall to grab it! Now I just need to set everything back up so it feels like home again. Let’s talk fashion finds […]