Back To Barre (weekly workout recap)


A couple of notes before getting to my workouts from last week: Just as I said in last week’s post that ideally, I would like to take two barefoot sculpt classes a week, I didn’t take any and instead tried two new-to-me barre classes. Which I LOVED. Two different teachers yet both styles were fairly […]

Workout Variety + Figuring Out Equinox Routine


So I’m still in the mindset of not wanting to write a weekly workout recap each week but I did join Equinox so I feel like I should give some updates on how that’s going. I love it. It’s been so fun and rejuvenating to my workout routine and mornings! I don’t think I even […]

Trying All of the Equinox Classes


Last week was my first full week at Equinox. It really does feel great to be back in the gym atmosphere and I’m loving the whole Equinox experience. My main excitement over joining Equinox is the access to so many great classes! Last week at Equinox I tried: Barefoot Sculpt One-on-One Pilates Spin Barre I […]

SoulCycle & Pure Barre Birthday Celebration (workout recap)

pure barre

Happy Birthday to me!! My friend Dina is so awesome. She treated me yesterday to a special morning of birthday workouts: my first SoulCycle class directly followed by a Pure Barre class! The best part – the double workouts were her idea! I still can’t get over that. Just look at her endorphins on display as we arrived at Pure Barre […]

How To Find The Gym That’s Right For You

how to find the gym that is right for you

  Remember last week (or was it already the week before? Geez!) when I attended a spin class as a guest at Lifetime? Well, I was offered an unbelievable extended guest pass to bring me back through the end of the year. This special family guest pass would grant me full access to Lifetime once again including the […]

What do you do With Your Apple Peels & Lots of Recipe Links

apple crumb coffee cake

  If you know me, you know that a 9:45 am spin class is super late for me to work out. I had two breakfasts, baked an apple crumb coffee cake and consumed three cups of coffee prior to getting myself to Lifetime and on a spin bike. I made the apple crumb coffee cake for my […]

Weekly Workout Recap 11/17/2014-11/23/14


  Good morning! I love the process of putting together these workout recaps each week because it helps me to grasp an overall picture of what it is I do considering I have never followed any sort of structured fitness schedule. It’s becoming clear (in case you haven’t noticed) that I am really enjoying the barre routines, both […]

Inspirational Jewelry Giveaway!

inspirational jewelry giveaway

  I am going to recap yesterday’s race tomorrow (it went really well though!); I have something more important (a giveaway!) to discuss with you today. A year ago today I talked about a spin class that I took way back on November 17, 2001. I remember that 8:00 am spin class because it was the Saturday morning of my […]

Weekly Workout Recap 10/20/14-10/26/14

weekly workout recap

  I took it real easy after last weekend’s races. It wasn’t until after Wednesday morning’s workout that I felt like myself again, ready to jump into my typical running routine. *Monday* Morning Walk & Stretch I hate walking but I knew I needed to loosen up my legs and running was definitely not on […]

Time To Think Out Loud


  I am so happy that today is Thursday because I have A TON of random things to share with you this morning! The other day when I had the maintenance crew from my community at my house to fix my closet door (don’t even ask) they let me know that I am known as the Energizer Bunny […]

Three Tip Tuesday- Sweet Tooth

Oh boy. It is Tuesday. Spin Tuesday. I must enjoy a little bit of torture in my life to be heading back again after the grueling class last week. Hopefully today’s class seems easier. Or at least bearable. Yesterday I ran five miles in the morning before it got too hot. Since I don’t need […]

Proud Member of Healthy Living Blogs!

Is it me or did this week fly by? We discussed so many important and fun topics this week perhaps it made the time go fast..either way…Happy Friday friends! Speaking of important topics, if you notice on the right side of my page, there is a new badge – The Cookie ChRUNicles is now a […]