Sick Week + Recent Meals (and Matzoh Ball Soup!)


It’s been a weird week since last Wednesday’s food post. I wasn’t expecting to come down with a bad cold although it’s not often that anyone expects a cold before it is already happening. Recent Meals I’ve been up and down with how I feel which means some days I eat totally normal for me […]

What we Ate yesterday

greek salad

  I did not plan on my son being home sick yesterday but as we know, things do not always go as planned. I know my little boy very well. Sick means soup with guaranteed bowls of macaroni and cheese. And sometimes, all he can stomach is macaroni and cheese which means it serves as […]

Healthy Brand Showcase Stuff

vegetarian salad

  Just because I am a mother does not mean I know how to do laundry. Do you know what this is? This would be my Run Swiftly short sleeve shirt that I wore for Monday’s race which I seem to have washed with the race bib still attached. And, just because I am a mother does […]

Shaking It Up

I am so glad it is Friday…and not for the reasons you would think. Confession: I am so glad it is Friday because that means it is almost Monday – which is the first day of school. I apologize for breezing past your weekend but if you have children who have yet to start school you understand, […]

Soup on the Menu and a Healthified Banana Bread

Ah Monday…No one ever really likes Monday. Well, that is except for parents of school aged children that are ready to ship them off for the day. Come on, admit it. Time for routine. Time for someone else to talk all day to your kids. So today’s school cafeteria menu is scheduled to serve the […]