Routine, Real Life & Recent Eats

red mango parfait

    I tried really hard last week to find my working groove again. You know how hard that can be after a holiday break, right? But it was time! It was time to get back into routine, for my son to go back to school and for the holiday season to just be over […]

Week In Workouts (less miles than usual!)

in the gym and jump rope

  Two things before getting to my workouts from the week: 1) I ran a lot less than I normally do this week! It really wasn’t intentional at first although I believe that subconsciously I needed a break from my usual routine so I just did whatever it is I felt like every morning which turned out to […]

workout recap & race canceled

workout recap

Last week at this time, as I published my last half marathon training workout recap, I assumed that right now I would be sitting here saying I was off to the Fred Lebow Half Marathon! Wish me luck! Here’s a look at my taper workout recap! Yeah, no. A taper didn’t happen so let’s look […]

weekend stuff & half marathon weather watch

chocolate cake

  The winter months make me want to cuddle my feet in Uggs, slippers and comfy socks. Have you seen these cozy looking slipper socks at Target? I think I need them! Instead of ordering pizza Friday night for my son and his friends, I picked up a pizza from Fresh Market during the day to heat […]

Pro Compression Code & Workout Recap


  You may have noticed an additional badge in the sidebar -> As you know, I love my Pro Compression socks and sleeves and really can’t say enough positive things about them. Being a part of the Pro Compression crew as an ambassador makes me really happy and I look forward to spreading the #keepititight love […]

Copycat Cheesecake Factory Barbecue Ranch Salad

  Monday morning inspirational quote: That Dr. Seuss was quite wise. If you follow me on instagram, you saw that I steered myself in the direction of Whole Foods on Friday. I really just needed a few key items: The Bell & Evans Chicken Nuggets were on sale, I was out of steel-cut oatmeal (remember, […]

Thinking Out Loud – Oovo? What’s Oovo?

  Another day, another snowstorm, another school closure. A reader notified me that the chocolate dipped apple slices in yesterday’s post resembled a heart shape in one of the pictures. Not only did I not do this on purpose, I hadn’t even noticed. And it’s possible I didn’t notice the apple heart because my glasses weren’t on. […]

Thinking Out Loud – Talking With Emoji’s, Skincare And No Florida

  I figured I would be Thinking Out Loud this morning all about my travel necessities since I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HEADED DOWN TO FLORIDA TODAY. Yeah, SUPPOSED TO BE. I made the difficult decision to cancel my weekend escape to Florida because more snow is in the forecast which could, and with my luck, probably would, affect my flights. […]

WIAW – Cereal Muffincakes and Second Chances

Instead of complaining to you about the snow that is falling once again outside, let’s jump right into What I Ate Wednesday. Not that I am encouraging emotional eating or anything but food at the moment is our savior. Just when you think you can’t further your level on the Food Genius Scale, a lightbulb […]

Venting On The Treadmill

  The best part about working from Panera Bread for a few hours is the free refills on coffee. I didn’t even need the coffee yesterday though because I was totally riding the runner’s high I achieved from six seriously fabulous and speedy treadmill miles. I decided that if I just keep sharing with you […]

Weekend Plus Fabulous Guacamole Recipe

  I couldn’t help but laugh to myself only an hour or so after my post on Saturday. Remember my “summer-like” remark about the weather for Saturday’s long run? I left my house to go out for the day and suddenly found myself caught in what seemed like a blizzard. Explain it I can’t and neither could the radio […]