Red Mango, Running Gloves And KT Tape

  I never made it to Panera Bread for the new Hot Chocolate with the chocolate chip marshmallows. Did you try it? How was it? I did get to Red Mango though. Of course I did. We should start playing “Guess How Much Meredith’s Red Mango Parfait Cost This Week”. Wouldn’t that be fun? No? Oh. […]

13.1 Miles and Red Mango News

Good morning and Happy Sunday to you! I hope that you are enjoying your weekend and that the weather in your area is feeling like fall. I love all of the seasons for different reasons but come on, fall is the best. Especially when you can run in conditions that look like this. Do you […]

Saturday Long Run – I’ll Take The Physical Challenge

I love running. We know this, yes? I love to just get out there and do my thing, create my pace, challenge myself, relax, think, zone out, listen to music, listen to my thoughts and occasionally train and run a race. Lately I notice a rise in the number of “specialty races” such as color […]

Weekend Recap – Sweet, Savory and Soles4Souls

I would like you to meet my newest pair of Asics Gel Nimbus 15’s. It is said that you should replace your running sneakers somewhere between 300-500 miles. Normally I decide around the 300 -350 mile mark that my shoes are shot. This time around however, my Gel Nimbus 15’s held out closer to 400 miles. I knew the end was […]

Weekend Recap and Mixing Up The Menu

Well hello!  I almost didn’t wake up on time for me this morning – between the sun rising later and later and my new cable box which lacks a clock on the display, I woke up in the dark and without seeing the time, assumed it was 3:00 am and went back to sleep. It was not 3:00 am. […]


My run yesterday was nowhere near as glorious as the last few have been. The conditions were perfect, even after the flooding rains from Tropical Storm Andrea. I blame my sneakers. I just don’t know about these Brooks Glycerins. Some days they are great. And then some days, they hurt the tops of my feet. […]

Run, Read and Eat Happy

Oh rainbow shoes how I loved you. Lesson learned. Do not judge a book by it’s cover. Although on a side note, I always seem to gravitate towards the novels with the pretty covers that have a picture of a cupcake, brownie or ice cream cone and they usually come through for me as great […]

Do You Believe in Karma?

Almost time for Three Tip Tuesday – but first I have a little story. Now that I am  officially “training” for the Fitness Magazine Women’s Half April 14, I am trying to take my runs back outside as much as possible. It was super windy yesterday morning but I was flying (perhaps because I was […]

Monday Morning Science Experiment

Monday morning greets me with what seems to be the new norm for us here in New York – 20 degrees, feelin frigid with a gust of wind every few seconds. Last winter was so mild i just figured it would happen again this year. Clearly I was wrong. Today may be a rest day. […]

The Princess and The Sneaker…

I am very easy going. For the most part. When it comes to my running shoes however, I am a princess. Or even a queen. They must be perfect. I must not feel the ground when I am running. I must feel complete cushion and support and the laces have to be tied just right. […]