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benji first birthday

  My site is finally fixed! My site is finally fixed! Do you have any idea how happy this makes me?! Actually, it feels weird to have a normal functioning blog. And almost scary. I am afraid something else will go wrong or that it isn’t really fixed and a notification will pop up to […]

So Much To Say! (TOL)


I feel like I have so much to say in so many directions today that I need to organize my random thoughts in order to keep this post coherent. Before I say another word, I must follow up my disordered eating post from Tuesday with this wonderful post from Kylie at Imma Eat That: Tips to […]

Back To School Cookies

back to school healthy cookies recipe round up

  So this is the back to school cookies round-up which I was supposed to share Tuesday, the first day back to school. My site, which was down on Tuesday, is still giving me trouble. I want to SCREAM. In fact, I do SCREAM just like that in big bold letters via Live Chat and then go back […]

Site Was Down & Dishwasher Is Broken (WIAW)

peanut butter chocolate chip protein bites

As you may have realized yesterday, my site was down ONCE AGAIN for SEVERAL HOURS. My post for yesterday never went live and I spent most of the first day of school morning shouting in all capital letters to a Dreamhost Live Chat window. I am still scheduled to switch hosts this week; you shouldn’t notice a difference and you […]